• Top 65 Albums, 12 EPs, and 10 Splits of 2007!

    3 Jan 2008, 21:33 by AtacamaRain

    Aight here it is all of you who still care, my year end list, once again none of these numbers are set in stone, but they are still in a general ranking as far as what i liked the most, (aka the difference from #42 to #50 isnt that great, but of course the difference from #1 to #50 is). This is nothing comparison to my 06 list but what can i say, i have a bit more of a life now and dont listen to music as much as i used to, deal with it. I dont even get why i ramble on each year before my lists to justify this stuff, someones gonna bitch anyways, so without further ado:


    1.Daniel Striped Tiger – Capital Cities
    2.Melt-Banana – Bambi's Dilemma [Noise-Rock]
    3.Blues – Snakepit
    4.Big Business – Here Comes the Waterworks [Stoner/Sludge]
    5.Do Make Say Think – You, You're A History In Rust [Post-Rock]
    6.Black Elk – Black Elk [Post-Hardcore]
    7.Rosetta – Wake/Lift (& Cleansing Undertones of Wake/Lift) [Sludge/Ambient]
    8.L'antietam – Arthur Carr
  • Mice beats Borg. Resistance is usefull !!

    7 Nov 2007, 18:59 by Bertels

    Tue 6 Nov – With Engine Heart + The White Mice SUB071, Leiden.

    Every night at Multiflex Multiplex is special because of the very nice atmosphere, nice people, nice food, freedom beer and concerts in the basement.
    Knowing this, it is a real pleasure just to get near the Black Tower, let alone getting in.
    Being in the Black tower area gives me vital powers to achieve goals I would never thought to be possible. New energy starts pumping through my veins and the nerve system just extends, enabling me to see, hear and act smoother than ever before.
    I could stop speeding trains, swallow a nuclear bomb just before detonation and save the world! Or just kick over Marleen.
    This night was destined to be as brilliant as all the other nights in the Tower of Power, with a good meal in our bellies and a fine line up at the stage, we were ready to enjoy.
    The first act in the SUB071 Multiplex basement was very cute: a nice drummer girl, a cute guitar girl, an extremely sexy bass girl and an aged-version-of-Lidi-girl screaming into the mic.
  • Distorted Falafel Adventures

    26 Oct 2007, 14:31 by Bertels

    Thu 25 Oct – The Creeping Nobodies, Boutros Bubba Leiden, SUB071.

    After a nice sightseeing trip through Paris last weekend in which Coach Bertels got lots of inspiration and ideas for his FMO>> thing and even recorded some stuff with his elder opponent in domestic verbal violence. The new Future Mode of Operations album will be released in the first quarter of 2008 under the name “Dad in Paris”. Because of the recording and sightseeing the Sat 20 Oct – Festival BBmix slipped from the schedule, it depressed us a little bit.
    In the spring Coach returns to the French Capital to visit cool concerts and all.
    Back in Holland new things occur in familiar places over and over again.
    After several vegetarian dinners at The Black Tower with all kinds of treats and surprises, the time came to be part of it on a new level and bring on some private cooks for a very good meal.
    Het Boze Konijn asks everyone to join the cooking party some time just to make it easier, more fun and quicker. …
  • Intimacy and energy - Bordercross Festival '07 (Day 1)

    13 Aug 2007, 20:09 by amnesiacphlgm

    Bordercross Festival 2007

    First off, I was completely blown away when I first saw the line-up for that festival.
    To be honest, I've never heard of the bordercross collective before, and apparently they've done quite cool things in the past when it comes to concerts and events (for a good cause, too ^^ ;P).
    Furthermore, from my point of view this sort of music is very unusual in Austria, you have a really small / scene, but that's about it (although I recently discovered Austrian Screamo), so unfortunately there are very little shows.

    When Cutting Pink With Knives, Her Breath on Glass and Rolo Tomassi cancelled their gigs at the festival it was a sad moment for me, but I still was thrilled to go there and see the other bands.

    A few words about the basic conditions of the festival: the location was a bit odd (but understandable, since they need every money they can get - the entry fee was only 15 euros for both days anyway), a little village in Upper Austria called St. …