• Wir Sind Helden did a good job!

    30 Sep 2007, 00:16 by vicktoriatje

    Fri 28 Sep – Wir sind Helden, Polarkreis 18
    Well, for me it's now pretty late, but I have to write something about the concert I attended last night of Wir sind Helden. It was really a blast!
    Before the show started, there was a band called Polarkreis 18 in the pre-show. I never heard of them before, but the music was pretty good. According to my boyfriend Meilof it sounded like Novastar, which he recommends as "pretty good". But I don't know that band either, so it came to me as something pretty fresh. I liked the combination of the two keyboards standing in front of eachother and the podium formation. The singer was standing in the middle and on the corners were the gitarists, left from the singer was the drummer and right of him were the keyboard-players. They were all dressed up in white, which combined very good with the lights.
    Enough of that, now something about Wir sind Helden :).
    The show consisted most of the time from songs of their new album, Soundso. …
  • Is music really the universal language?

    29 Mar 2006, 05:08 by plantpower253

    Last weekend was my birthday, and one of the nifty things I got was an iTunes gift certificate. I used it to buy some of the music that I've wanted for a while, but that nobody else in my building had... namely, Inland Traveller and Von hier an blind. Truly, it's a shame that nobody else in my building knows these bands, because they are awesome. Wir sind Helden aren't even obscure... at least, not in Germany and Austria, where their newest album made #1 on the charts.

    I suppose the biggest obstacle to international fame and fortune for the Helden is the fact that they only sing in German. Indeed, their incisive, clever, associative, and often surreal lyrics are the strongest aspect of their music, and a substantial portion of the meaning gets lost in translation.

    On the other hand, though, you don't need to know German to realize how strongly Subterranean Homesick Blues influenced Judith Holofernes's delivery on Heldenzeit. Similarly…