• Radio David Byrne - April- Afro-Cuban classics

    1 Apr 2006, 17:56 by mjcrbt

    From David Byrne

    David Byrne’s site has a radio which playlist changes monthly:

    A Skewed History: Part II
    This month sort of picks up where last month left off. When the U.S. severed relations with Cuba in the early 60s it split the strands of the music. The Cubans went on making incredible dance music, but they also encouraged politically oriented singer songwriters. I have only included some examples of the dance music here. The other main strand, soon to be christened Salsa, evolved in New York, where the music in the late 60s became more urban, harder, spikier. La Lupe sounds like the freak she reportedly was, and the Queen, Celia Cruz, blossomed and introduced elements of Santeria into what was popular American music. Puerto Rican, Dominican, Venezuelan and Colombian influences fed into the music. The late great Ray Barretto had a massive boogaloo novelty hit with “Watusi”, which became an albatross for this serious musician. There was even a moment when this music almost became the pan-Latin music it threatened to be. …