• Best albums of 2014

    1 Jan 2015, 14:50 by progmetalhead

  • Lona Records 3" CD-R Series: 11-15

    22 Apr 2007, 00:10 by helikoppter

    This is a 3" cdr series produced by lona to explore the literary aspects of experimental sound. Each volume will feature works by individual artists in a 3" cdr or 3" dvdr and will be released in a limited numbered edition of 50 to 100.
    22 have been released till now, but since I've got a pretty sizeable backlog here's the 11th-15th. Notes on the previous ten can be found here and here.

    11. Sherman - Politely We Grow Old (HK)
    Sherman is some guy that couldn't be the leader of his former indie rock band so he went solo and began "making noises that make him feel like dreaming" instead. Fortunately, those noises does not resemble noise music and his music is actually such that you could feel like dreaming, even though I'd rather call it calming. This four track EP starts off with I Saw You, which has that calming sound as from inside a train. The second track, Same Place, Same Time, is quite unsettling in the beginning, but gets calming later too. …