• The Delightful 65 of the 90's! (Best Albums 1990-1999)

    4 Dec 2010, 09:29 by thomas10
    1 Radiohead - OK Computer
    Using the textured soundscapes of The Bends as a launching pad, Radiohead delivered another startlingly accomplished set of modern guitar rock with OK Computer. The anthemic guitar heroics present on Pablo Honey and even The Bends are nowhere to be heard here. Radiohead have stripped away many of the obvious elements of guitar rock, creating music that is subtle and textured yet still has the feeling of rock & roll. Even at its most adventurous -- such as the complex, multi-segmented "Paranoid Android" -- the band is tight, melodic, and muscular, and Thom Yorke's voice effortlessly shifts from a sweet falsetto to vicious snarls. It's a thoroughly astonishing demonstration of musical virtuosity and becomes even more impressive with repeated listens, which reveal subtleties like electronica rhythms, eerie keyboards, odd time signatures, and complex syncopations. …
  • Flogging a dead horse

    13 May 2007, 10:10 by Lardygirl

    I've been bothered by a bit of an itch to my scalp some time now, and being a bit of an exema baby (big baby now) I called my doctor, and asked if he could prescribe me some kind of liquid hydro cortisone to sort this rash. "Make sure its some kind of alcohol, so that it's not an emulsion, or some kind of balm" I told him, so that it would be something I could put on without getting my already kind of flat hair all greasy. He could, of course, and after visiting one pharmacy, and they told me this was not in stock - I ordered it to be delivered to pharmacy closest to me. So yesterday, I decided to take a walk and pick this up.
    Hand over my card to pharmacy lady - and after a couple of minutes, she's back with a huge brown glass bottle, looking like an old fashioned cough syrup bottle, and she looks seriously at me, and asks: "Is this intended for you?", and I again explain how I got the prescription. She continues, and shows me the bottle "See, this is for veterinairy use". …
  • Tracklist: 2B Confirmed 22.January 07

    27 Jan 2007, 13:06 by S3phres

    1. MIA.- To be confirmed(Station ID)
    2. Zirkus
    3. MIA.- Interview vom 12.1.07 Orpheum Graz
    5. The Metal
    6. Skin and Bones
    7. Lovestain
    8. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    9. Sideways Down
    10. Only in Dreams
    11. Baby Bitch
    12. 5:55
  • Baby Bitch

    15 May 2006, 03:17 by KristinaUrine

    Baby Bitch by Ween is seriously one of the best songs I have ever heard. And I only heard it for the first time like an hour ago. I was surfin' myspace and it was on some girl's myspace. Yay for that girl.
    Any Ween songs that are similar to that song?
    I download a few more but they weren't as good.
    Piss Up a Rope is real real good though haha.
  • Top Ten Bands

    25 Feb 2006, 02:55 by mielcarz

    Found this on another journal, thought I would give it a try.

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1 Pavement
    2 Phish
    3 Wilco
    4 Medeski, Martin and Wood
    5 Beck
    6 Belle and Sebastian
    7 Bob Dylan
    8 Silver Jews
    9 My Morning Jacket
    10 Ween

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    -- what was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Dear Catastrophe Waitress

    -- what is your favourite album of 2?
    That's a tough one. I think I'm going to with Rift.

    -- what is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    Tough to say, but I think I'll go with this one from Que Onda Guero:
    "abuelitas with
    plastic bags walking to church with their
    spanish candles"

    It reminds me of when I lived in Jamaica Plain, MA near Hi-Lo foods that sold all sorts of Spanish candles and a great old church and lots of abuelitas too.

    -- how many times have you seen 4 live?
    Good question, maybe 8 times?

    -- what is your favourite song by 7?
  • Fuck Valentine's Day CD Mix: 2006 Edition

    15 Feb 2006, 01:10 by BlueValentines

    I do this annually for the most annoying holiday of the year. I always try to include new songs every time (except for one, more on that later) to incorporate artists I've discovered over the past calendar year. Here's the new one, complete with notes:

    1. Poor Edward - A quite disturbing song to start, though this is no surprise, as Tom wrote it as part of a musical based on Alice in Wonderland (sorta). It deals with a man that has a woman's face growing out of the back of his head that slowly drives him crazy. He hangs himself to escape her, but that was her plan from the beginning. Fun stuff.

    2. Toujours L'Amour - The first of many about relationships gone bad. This one ends with the singer threatening to run away to Spain, buy a gun and shoot himself.

    3. Birthday Boy - Early early Ween, but beautiful in its own way, despite the filthy dirty distorted guitar and completely unexplained five second sample of Pink Floyd's Echoes. Deals with a man who breaks up with his girl, only to regret it immediately.