• EAR14:08 - The Artful Broadcast Now Online

    27 Oct 2008, 15:31 by AndyEarwax

    The latest earwaxadio Show is the 2008 Artful Broadcast which was the pilot for an exciting new venture between Earwax and Strange Loop Studios which went out on websites and phones as a live recording of a radio show and an extended 30 minute studio session by the fab Kids Love Lies with the added interaction of a web chat. Now you can download the radio show featuring two of the Kids Love Lies Tracks.

    The Artful Website has a write-up on the recording of the show here http://www.artfulfestival.co.uk

    Full Playlist:

    The Vivians – A Human Angle
    Officer Kicks - Dirty Sally
    Cop On The Edge - Summer Games II
    The Brute Chorus – Grow Fins
    The Melting Ice Caps – Selfish Bachelor
    Kids Love Lies - Under The Bed (Earwax Radio Session Ver)
    Kids Love Lies - Switch Off (Earwax Radio Session Ver)
    Maths Class– Nerves
    The Coolness – Kids On K
    We Used To Make Things - Yes Man

    Ways to enjoy Earwax:

    Download and listen to the show here: http://earwaxradio.podomatic.com/entry/eg/2008-10-25T06_53_29-07_00