• solipsistic NATON No. 185: Quarrel

    21 Mar 2010, 22:13 by solipsisticast

    I'm really excited about today's show because I get to DJ for the first time in months!

    Since 2010 we've had guest DJs and live sets from everyone from The Orb to Ben Frost to Hecq to Planet Terror Records. They've been great shows. Fantastic shows. But all that time I've been itching to get behind the virtual turntables and spin a set of my own. So like I said, I'm very excited.

    Today's set is going to be heavy. Not all dubstep. But a lot of it.

    We'll hear tracks from King Cannibal, Two Fingers, The Bug and more.

    Today's show goes out to Al in San Francisco.

    Al was recently turned on to dubstep so I had him in mind when I was putting today's show together. I hope you like the mix, Al!

    I want to thank Taylor Shechet for interviewing me for Flash Flood Media back in January. I'm usually the one doing the interviewing so it was fun to answer questions instead of asking them. …

    13 Nov 2009, 23:08 by plumindustries
    Guest Programmer
    Once11 (Brugges/ Montevideo/ LA)

    Podcast: All Together Wrong

    About the podcast: “What is on this podcast? Trials, plan B’s, errors and rehearsals, leftovers and whoulda-coulda-shouldas, the stuff remaining under the wet hood: the little fellas that didn’t make it. Sketches, leftovers and drafts: an amalgam of wrongs.

    This 11 tracks date from 1999 til 2009, since “bounced” they are no longer editable (a couple are mis-mixes from “Smile Hunter”). They are the elaborate trials of my inner professional artistoid, working the “crashing patching and doodling of doing”, on some very nice afternoons (obviously with the intention of making of all the right mistakes) next to the roaches and fliers and the hope filled tool bags of the sleepwalking artisan.” ~ Once11

    Once11 (aka Ignacio Platas) born in Montevideo has never stood still for a second. …

    12 Sep 2008, 12:24 by plumindustries
    Guest Programmer
    DJ Olive (USA)

    DJ Olive is known for many sounds, from beats to sleep to avant-turntablism. In the early 90’s he was an active member of the infamous Williamsburg scene, producing ambient events throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. He was a founding member of We™, one of the most influential electronic acts to emerge from the U.S. scene in the ninties. As a joke, he gave birth to the term “illbient” and has been credited with founding the illbient movement. As an improvisor he has performed with thousands of world class musicians such as Luc Ferrari, Kim Gordon, Ikue Mori, Uri Caine, John Zorn, Christian Fennez, plus many more. He also co-heads the Agriculture record label.

    DJ Olive has prepared a special podcast for ELEVENELEVEN, the TITICACA BBQ MIX, a fun radio piece with friends. Enjoy!

    “intro” _illstyle live
  • We with the Trade Mark

    24 Dec 2005, 19:59 by ohmskool

    One of the better old skool electronic units, too bad they no longer play together. The music is unique more like psychedelic dnb. It belongs in ohms world