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"What is the War Against Sleep?"The Casio-psychosis of a moral dyslexic squeezing out songs like glue to hold himself together. The act of picking cigarette ends off the floor because you like the taste of cheap lipstick. Love crafted from a night in with Teletext and Benylin. A suit, stained with the amphetamine sweat-beads of your worst porno nightmare. A stolen suit, a borrowed suit, a dead man's suit, a dead-skin mask. Dance with me, you syphilitic tramp. I love you. A silk cravat, a painted rope. Hysterical, literate, blackened by the sun. Pop svengalis pissing blood into bronze buckets. The very idea of a Masterpiece. Ancient orders, first religions, Old Gods. Tascam Porta-7. Sex for small change. Thrillingly lo-fi, absurdly ambitious. Man as blind abacus. Man as performer; touched by the hand of Thoth. Man versus the world; woman as insect. An enormous insect that you want to be eaten by. Eat me: keep me warm. Keep dancing. Did I tell you to stop dancing? Locked in the cellar: We have always been here. Bontempi nights: the moon is in control. Pulling to the sea pulling violently like a green disease from within ever-living divine but violated, blind more to come tonight. In the War Against Sleep winning is not even the issue. It's the cheating that counts. Now dance, damn you. Dance until you are on fire" Derek Headvoices

taken from http://www.myspace.com/waragainstsleepband


Taken from www.waragainstsleep.co.uk , the official website, this is an excerpt from a Review by Kieron Gillen from New Noise

"War Against Sleep (aka Duncan Fleming) has been doing the songwriting thing for a decade now. In this time, he's released but one single on Silent Age records. In Italy.Otherwise he exists like a ghost on Bristol's scene, appearing behind a piano, playing smart songs – both in intelligence and the hot pain of a slap against the face – and then disappearing into the night. But things change. Fire, 2004 has offered a single – the rough street grandeur-pop pout of 'Again Love Smashes Up My Mind', whose verses alternate between black sociopathy and blank beatification (the point being, of course, both are just contrasting examples of love doing that smashing up the mind thing). And now, an album: 'Messages', recorded with assorted Bristol luminaries (Jesse Morningstar, Rasha Mooz and Patrick Strangelove, incestuous small city England fans).This is where I entered this particular tale and, most likely, where you will too. This is what happened."

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