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Wadih Mrad´s real name is Garo Mrad Seferian. He was born in Kameshli, north of Syria, on the 15th of June 1974.
He is Armenian in religion and his sign is Gemini.

Wadih started his music life at the age of five. His first instrument was a piano. During his studies, he participated in many events and competitions between schools. In 1984, he was sent to Armenia as a tourist for one month through a scholarship. In 1989, he organized an orchestra for his school to participate in events with other schools. The majority of these events were for charity.

In 1992, Wadih went to the military service for two years and a half. During this period, he met an Oriental orchestra where he discovered all the oriental instruments (Kanoun, Violin, Nay) and started practicing Arabic bitrates. After one year, in 1993, he organized his own Oriental orchestra of fourteen professional musicians. During his military period, Wadih got introduced to many people where he started singing in weddings, birthdays, engagement events and others.

During the summer of 1995, Wadih´s military service was over and his fans were growing larger and larger.
Many people started loving and adoring his voice all around the city. He went back to his village where he made his first concert. The concert was great deemed very successful and everybody was encouraging him to go further in his musical career.

Wadih realized that his duties started growing as well, and that he had to proceed to create a better future, so he went studying Solfege in his village with a special private teacher who taught him the basics of "Al Makamat el Arabiyya" as well as how to play Oud.

In summer 1996, he signed his first contract in a very
beautiful tourist green area known as "Mashta al Houlou" in Syria. The contract was with a restaurant called "Nabee el Aarous" that was a strategic touristic place for both Arab and European tourists. His fame started spreading in the Middle East region starting from Beirut, Egypt, Jordan, and Dubai in the Arab Emirates.

In winter 1996, Wadih went to Sweden for two months where he found large number of fans mostly from the Syriac and Armenian religions (Al Jaliya). He made many concerts there and they were all another success to tell about. Winters and summers of 1997 and 1998 were a repetition of 1996.
Winters were in Sweden and summers were in "Mashta el Helou".

At the end of 1998, Wadih moved to Beirut where all the doors of fame were opened. He suffered for one year and a half in Beirut because he thought it was easy to start his career there. This was very difficult, on the other hand, because Lebanese people are very good listeners and the market was witnessing the birth of many singers and it was hard for one to prove himself quickly in the midst of such a mess.

Finally, Wadih signed a contract with a Lebanese radio station and agreed that they will manage his business.
He started singing in a night club called "Blue Velvet" in Kaslik in the Jounieh area under the name of "Garo" and the contract lasted for four months. The result of this hard work was that they offered him a song and supported it exclusively on air and he was obliged to change his name to "Wadih Mrad" to fit with his style of songs.

Later on, the radio station produced an album of seven songs that included the single "Helweh el Denyeh" that lead him to the top charts. The album was entitled "Saket" and was produced by Music Master.
His contract with the radio station ended with lots of problems mainly related to money that is, till now, still to be settled still in court of law.

Wadih signed his next contract with Rotana through a company based in Los Angeles named "Take 5 Music". The contract was for five years with Rotana but was broken after one album which is "Aashek Majnoun". The problem was related to the failure launching the album due to marketing reasons. The contract was ended on a friendly basis and Wadih realized that he must take full responsibility for managing his life and work by
choosing the songs that fit his style because everybody was underestimating him. He felt that following the advice of others was ruining his life, dreams, future, and career that he believed in.

In Christmas 2003, Wadih went to the United States where he had a tour in many states like Los Angeles, New Jersey, Detroit, Boston, etc. and every concert there was a success. The fans were singing his songs that they memorized, and Wadih realized that his songs were almost everywhere. This put more pressure and more duties on him with respect his fans, friends, and family.

Later on, Wadih met a friend in New Jersey and they agreed to start a company to release a new album. The system was that the company will finance new albums which Wadih prepares with a lot of care and the result of this was a new album of eight songs under the name of "Waddaani el Habib". This new album promises to be a success because it has already spread all over the world including the Middle East, USA, Canada, Europe, etc.

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