• Review: Von Südenfed - not a cold remedy, unless you sweat it out

    31 May 2007, 20:35 by Post-Rocker

    Tromatic Reflexxions is the full-length collaborative from electronic music vanguards Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars, and prolific Post-Punk patriarch The Fall's Mark E. Smith.

    The formula sounds strange at first–-the notoriously ill-tempered Smith eager to get along with the eccentrically innovative Mouse on Mars? But, for the most part it succeeds fairly well.

    So what do the respective parts bring to the table?

    Research on Mark E. Smith uncovers a few accolades, or should we say idiosyncrasies: he is notoriously hard to get along with, he has fickly fired many a group-mate and, not unlike many of us, he has a fondness for beer. As for his vocal stylings he is known for deadpan monotone rants that are accentuated by the omission or addition of letters or syllables. This in turn gives his voice a unique staccato-like quality. See Fledermaus Can't Get It when it sounds, for the most part, like he's saying "Can't get enev..." and "Walked up the stairess-eh..." and so on.