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  1. Swedish pummeling punk. Beautiful noise. Crust anthems. Obscure.

  2. Kontatto is a raw D-Beat / Disbeat band from Italy.

  3. After The Bombs was a female-fronted crust punk / stenchcore band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada . The band formed in January 2004 - a year…

  4. HardcorePunk / Kangcore from sweden.

    Disfear - Uncurbed (Split - 1993)
    The Strike of Mankind (CD - 1993)

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  6. There are two bands who share the name Detestation. An American anarcho-punk/crust band with female vocals from Portland, OR, and an American…

  7. Dutch fastcore/crust band.

  8. A d-beat/crust/hardcore punk band from Brazil.

  9. Grinding crustcore from Germoney

  10. Schifosi from Melbourne, Victoria, started in 2001 with Tim, Bart, Kate and Tristan; an amalgamation of bands and friends in Melbourne. A year later…

  11. Excrement of War were a hardcore crust punk band from UK, formed in early 90's, they recorded 2 demos and released The waste & the geeed…

  12. There are at least 2 bands named Mass Grave:

    1). Mass Grave is a Canadian anarchist crust punk band formed in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada.…

  13. D-beat rock 'n' roll hardcore punk mayhem from Umeå, Sweden -


  14. "Deutschland Raw Punk Kommando"
    formed back in 1989! Playing the same shit all over those years with releases and tours in Europe, USA, Japan…

  15. Reality Crisis is a Hardcore Punk band from Japan.


  16. See you In Hell formed in May 1999. They play raw and fast hardcore/punk.

  17. Started as Dödsdömd, changed to 365 Dagar Av Synd, changed again back to Dödsdömd... Swedish crust, punk as fuck

  18. Harsh & brutal crust noise from UK/Sweden! Flyblown formed in february 2004 influenced by bands such as Disclose, Dismachine, Totalitar and…

  19. Swedish crust punk from the early 90’s.

  20. Death metal/crust from London, England, UK (Ex-Beginning of the End)



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