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  • Born

    1 July 1949 (age 68)

  • Born In

    Canzo, Como, Lombardia, Italy

After a musical debut at age 15 in 1968, like Virginia, with the single Dixie (produced by Gino Paoli) and the formation of a musical duo that has not much luck (Renzo & Virginia), is dedicated to of Fotomodelle.

It is noted, however, Giancarlo Lucariello (manager of Pooh and creator of the already successful singers as Alice), who cut her a sexy but elegant, with a voice whispered deliberately, who becomes the most recognizable character of his style.


In 1978, Viola part for the Fantasy album, rock band formed by Tony Cicco after the dissolution of Formula 3 and a brief period of the latter as a soloist. In addition to Tony Cicco (drums, keyboards), formed part of the group Vaona Danilo (vocals) and Louis Lopez (guitar, and the author together with Carla Vistarini sister Mita Medici). The album is titled One and produced by Giancarlo Lucariello, The debut piece is singing: the voice is that of leader Viola.

In 1979, accounts, under the name of Viola Valentino, for the CGD, the cult-song Comprami, a very successful selling 500,000 copies in Italy and Spain.

In 1980, leaves the second single of the singer, You are a bomb, another piece presented at Festivalbar and Cantagiro. In autumn, leaves, too, we do peace, presented in the competition "The golden gondola" of Venice, and a first album titled Cinema.

His reputation was greatly enhanced not only by the natural beauty, the chronicle also rose, by marriage (and subsequent divorce) with the singer Riccardo Fogli.

In 1981, leaves the individual with flakes Sera, ending the program on television Sunday. In the same year, leaving also popular day, with whom Viola arrives in the final event Avaliar singing voice.

Conquest also covers two of the famous Playboy monthly.

In 1982, he participated for the first time at the Festival di Sanremo with the song Romance, which sells 400,000 copies. After Sanremo, leaving the second-album collection of the singer (Featured).

That same year, at the height of success, participate in the film on Crime (Bruno Corbucci, Thomas Milian) and entered in the charts with their soundtrack, Sola, one of his most beautiful songs.

In 1983, he returned to the Festival of Sanremo, with Arriva arrives, the favorite song of the singer, including those of his repertoire.

Starting from this moment, set against the interest of his character on the part of the press and discography.

Participate in two other films: Due strani papà, 1983, with Pippo Franco e Franco Califano and Foxes of the night, in 1986, with Fabrizia Carminati and Pamela Meadows.

Affect other individuals in order to CGD: In the south (1984), Goodbye amor (1985), The place of the Moon (1986), which, despite a good promotion, leave no trace in the rankings.

In 1985, the EP comes out / The angel concept.

In 1987, publishes the latest single for the CGD, you return.

In 1991, the compilation comes an angel from heaven, which includes all the successes of Viola, plus two previously unpublished.

In 1994, accounts for the Memories a new, real album after many years Esisto, with texts by Mogol and Gianni Bella, Grazia Di Michele.

In 1995, leaves the individual probably nothing, signed by Oscar Prudente.

In 1998, publishes a version in Italian of Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, and the collection trip.

In 2000, collaborating with the group of Zerodecibel, to publish a new version of its successful Comprami in a modern way.

In 2002, collaborating with Alberto Camerini to the implementation of the single La surprise de l'amour, very special song, recorded in various versions.

In 2004, leaving the double collection Made in Virginia, with whom Viola Valentino celebrates 25 years of career.

In 2006, he participated in the third edition of the reality show "Music Farm", and publish the individual barbiturates in tea, the last experience as author of the great Bruno Lauzi.

1978 - One (as Fantasy) (EMI)
1980 - Cinema (Paradiso / CGD)
1982 - Featured (Paradiso / CGD)
1985 - The Angel (Paradiso / CGD)
1991 - An angel from heaven (CGD)
1994 - Esisto (Ricordi)
1998 - The journey (KLF Music)
2004 - Made in Virginia (Azzurra Music)

1968 - Dixie (as Virginia)
1978 - Cantando (as Fantasy)
1979 - Comprami / California
1980 - You are a bomb / I am so
1980 - We do peace / Yes I'm
1981 - People's Day / Take shoes
1981 - Evening with flakes / Like a crazy horse
1982 - Romance / Rido
1982 - Sola / Friends
1983 - Arriva arriva / Balere
1984 - In the south / Trade
1985 - Addio amor
1986 - The place of the moon / The Truth
1987 - You must return / In a night of celebration
1991 - An angel from heaven / Almost midnight
1994 - Me husband if something ito
1994 - Wave of the waves
1995 - Probably nothing
1996 - Ecstasy
1997 - Autumn Anime (Libertango)
1998 - Just like when it rains outside
1999 - Waiting for Elijah
2000 - Comprami 2000 Zerodecibel
2002 - La surprise de l'amour
2004 - Dea
2004 - Water, fire, air, land
2006 - barbiturates in thè

Collections Online 'Music'
1983 - Viola Valentino Single 1979/1983 (CGD)
1987 - Viola Valentino Single 1984/1987 (CGD)

2005 - The greatest hits (Azzurra Music)
2005 - The most beautiful songs of Viola Valentino (Warner Bros)
2006 - My most beautiful songs (Crysler)

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The site allowed the fans' MomentiViola: http://www.momentiviola.altervista.org/

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