• Lady Day schittert in Mechelen. Of was het toch Viktor Lazlo?

    31 Jan 2012, 13:03 by CortezZuma

    Fri 27 Jan – My Name Is Billie Holiday

    Viktor Lazlo. Ik beken. Ik was deze chanteuse, sinds lang, volledig uit het oog, of moet ik zeggen oor, verloren. Mijn nieuwsgierigheid was dan ook zeer groot toen ik hoorde dat ze én naar Mechelen kwam én het werk van Billie Holiday zou vertolken. Die nieuwsgierigheid werd beloond, vrijdagavond 27 januari in de Mechelse stadsschouwburg.

    La lazlo kroop op voortreffelijke wijze in de huid van Lady Day, zoals de 'angel of Harlem' ook bekend stond. Nee, Lazlo wàs Holiday!

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  • A - Z & А - Я

    25 Sep 2006, 01:04 by jkblackrose

  • Female vocals (w downloads)

    6 Feb 2006, 11:23 by kinzaza

    Next thing I must confess in, is that I’m very cynical about female singers. You won’t find many of them in my overall top. Not because I’m not into them, but because I’m very exacting to them. Oh me cruel thing, these girls need to be perfect and completely outstanding for me to listen to them. So the today post is about female vocalists I love.

    Firstly I’ll mention those who I’m not going to write about. It is Bebel Gilberto, because everyone knows Bebel Gilberto and how amazing she is. I don’t need to tell that again. I’ve already written about Diana Krall, see her in my post “Jazz (and not only) piano players”. I’ll only repeat that she’s great in both – playing and singing. And no Feist here. Cuz her talents are over-estimated. Though her one Evening is a cool and very catching song. Then, you won’t find here Katie Melua (for the same reason as Bebel) and no Ellas and Sarahs here. You know why;)

    /Note: Here and further it’s only my humble opinion/

    Sian Evans (Kosheen)