• misunderstandings

    10 May 2010, 19:54 by awd7

    i got the idea for this entry when i was listening to a german hardcore band Veil. accidentaly, i've visited their profile and i realized that there's another artist with the same name - which is a national socialist black metal project and most of the users tagged Veil as nsbm etc. what. obviously it's not the only example of such misunderstanding in my library, as i noticed. so - to deal with all that crap - here's a little list of artists using the same names as those that I listen to, but being scrobbled bmore often by other users:

    1. Justice - i hate the french electro duo. really. Justice from Belgium is one of my favs, especially their last album.
    2. Diehard clevo. there's a rock band with the same name and i have their picture figuring on my profile every time i listen to pre-integrity shit.
    3. FEED - Alice in Chains on steroids from Texas. there are couple of bands with the same name
    4. Gehenna - not that i don't like black metal, but I prefer the hardcore Gehenna