Mar 23 2010, 20:35 di steerpike

    Sun 21 Mar – Josephine Foster
    Josephine Foster is a complete original. Her operatic take on Appalachian Folk is as bizarre as it is beguiling.

    Seeing her live merely confirms the impression you get from listening to her records, that her eccentric, idiosyncratic style is totally authentic and that there is no fakery about her brand of weirdness.

    When you hear her speak, you also understand why her singing voice is so unique. She has an accent and delivery that makes simple statements ("Ravenna is a beautiful city") sound like she is possessed by the spirit of a romantic poetess.

    Her musical diction is equally quirky - one song tonight consists of juggling and rephrasing just the word 'hallelujah' - at the end she says airily "I like to sing that on Sundays".

    She is traveling in Italy with husband Victor Herrero although they perform separate solo sets.