• just getting into it

    20 Oct 2006, 06:03 by ck23

    got a new laptop that is better equipped for this millenium, just getting into stuff like pandora, listening to matmos inspired station, saw them last night with walter kitundu, amazing show. saw a lot of great live music in the last year or so. rob zombie, godsmack, sonic youth, pearl jam, bauhaus, nin, Erase Errata, peaches, ministry, les claypool, Stiff Dead Cat, pixies, fiona apple, John Cale, skinny puppy, Vervein, Teri Falini, the kronos quartet, dj shadow, broken social scene, massive attack, and others. tried to listen to a lot of new stuff but also kept going back to old faves like led zeppelin and rush.


    I can't make it but it looks like there will be a cool afterparty for devo on oct. 28. 2 devo cover bands and devo themselves may be there, cafe du nord, $12. vanessa is organizing, flyers go up tomorrow.

    I'm going to NYC and Philadelphia next weekend, so if anyone has suggestions for music, clubs, etc. please ping me.
  • The American Analog Set

    3 Nov 2005, 03:32 by duffman3400

    Ok then this is my first post... I thought that my first one should be awsome and cool so i thought i would wait untill i saw a totaly awsome band and i did. The American Analog Set they were fucking great. They played both the songs i wanted them to. I guess all the shrooms i did before made the show a more ejoyable experience.
    Scrabble opened and they were awsome. Their chelist looked like she was totaly pissed off. Vervein played but they sucked soo much i went outside.
    any one who hasnt listened to The American Analog Set's new album Set Free should.