• No Shame & Beautiful Pictures

    1 Mar 2007, 16:08 by Karakyou

    Lapko & No Shame @ Annis 07.02.17.
    Well, I intended to begin this entry with something very stunning about either of these bands, but I can't redeem what it was... but anyways, the frickin' great punk band, that makes Salo a better place to live in, No Shame, ended up playing first. And they were absolutely great. The boys really made the audience enjoy themselves, even more than Lapko did... which followed. They didn't really have a good gig. It sounded like shit. The bass wasn't even really played and thus the guitars were played not a bit wrong but alot wrong. But Paranoid was great :DD Gave me laughs.

    Rock in the woods (Luvia 07.02.24.)
    There were lots of bands playing, really... the first wasn't good at all. Props to guys anyways, but I didn't like it. The second band was better, but the voice of the vocalist just gave me shivers... oh, how I do hate female vocalists... Then... Ground, from our home-Pori... they were actually great; some Metallica-like good rock... thnx@, they really rocked. …
  • Karmarock.

    30 Jul 2006, 09:59 by jammamamma

    Yesterday there was Karmarock at Harjavalta. In 15 years I haven't participated once to this festival, but I want to tell that I still was listening. I was able to hear everything at my parents place, in livingroom. Plenty of houses, trees etc. between our livingroom and Karmarock stage, but still I heard everything.

    Only band I actually knew only by listening was naturally Don Johnson Big Band, but there was plenty of others too: Maj Karma, Samuli Putro, Lapko, Rotten Sound, Verso, Callisto, Absoluuttinen nollapiste, Appendix, Sara, Wiidakko and Ismo Leikola. I have heard Lapko, Absoluuttinen Nollapiste, Maj Karma and Samuli Putro, perhaps even Sara, but I don't recognize their music only by hearing it.

    15 years, and I have been able to avoid the happening. I haven't participated to other local festivals either, I have no experiences about Valtarock or Metalliaurinko, and very very little about Vasket Vallassa. I did walk through Vilkkurock little while ago. …