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Long ago
You and me
We all lived in harmony
But a war
Lived in fear
There was a barrier that set us apart
Those who walked past it never made it back alive
But one day a brave soul had fallen
Deep into the world of monsters
You can do it
Save this nation
Filled up with determination
(Flowey's theme)
Howdy, I'm Flowey
Flowey the flower
This is the world of monsters
Here take some love and have lots of fun
Cus here you will kill or be killed
(Toriel's part)
Child, poor child
Don't be afraid
I will be your help and guidance
Take my hand
And stay with me
Here your safe and sound
Child, I am warning you, go back!
No, I won't let you go
Because I will not let another one be killed!
Give it your all!
Prove to me that you will be alright!
Come and show me with all of your might!
Promise me that you will survive!
(Papyrus' part)
I found a human
Now I'll finally be part of the royal guard
Stop right there human!
I am the great Papyrus!
Come at me, solve my puzzles and eat spaghetti (heh)
You will be caught be me and then
I will get my life long dream to be finally fulfilled
Don't be so blue now
If you still want to be my friend
We still hang out later and pretend
But now it's clear that you can not beat me
So for now I grant you my pity and mercy
(Undyne's part)
Stop right there, you human!
You are the last one we need!
To make us monters happy and free!
Wait, screw it all!
Why should I tell you!
You're gonna die anyway!
You can't run away!
You're standing in the way!
I'm here to save the day!
I'll end this right away!
Come at me human! I'll show you the determination I have!
You cannot escape!
For years we have dreamed of living a happy ending
We could see the bright sunlight that's just within our
I'll end your life!
Be prepared to say goodbye!
You are just a burden to our kind!
All monsters want you to die!
Why do you keep on running?
Why do you keep on trying?
I don't get what you're doing!
What is the point in sparing?
I'll end this all for now but we will meet again!
Hey, I heard humans dislike spiders
They like to stomp on us and torture us through
And I heard you're awfully stingy with your money too!
Let you go dear? Come on, now don't be silly!
You and your soul will make a tasty cake for me!
Why so blue? Oh, purple really matches you!
Come on and join me in my spider dance
Move along, clap your hands!
But if you wanna live just lay the price!
You can't hide! Go on and try!
Come and join me in my spider dance!
Move along, clap your hands!
But in the end you cannot stand a chance
But it's entertaining to see you last
(Oh, oh) your soul is what we need!
(Oh, oh) to fill us spiders with glee!
Wait, oh, my bad I've made a big mistake!
You are not the one to slay!
You know the next time you can come again!
But for now I'll leave this to an end.
(Mettaton's part)
Did you just? Flip my switch?
Drama, action, bloodshed all together
Come and watch this show for many hours
Don't you worry, it's just getting better
Mettaton is here to stay forever!
Can you hear all of the cheering? Of my fans!
And watch me, show off all my dance moves! (Look at those legs)
I am a star, who is destined to be far!
I am so full of fame, you are ugly and lame!
Come and look at the ratings! Just rocket to the sky
Don't you worry my dear
Mettaton is here to stay forever!
(Asgore's part)
Mercys' dead
It's the end
One on one
Fight to death
One more soul
To complete
Everything we need to set us monsters free!
For the monsters, I will not fall.
Through the pain, I will bare it all.
Don't forget me. I will not stop till it's the end!
Many years ago, many years we spent
Power overflow, monsters will ascend
With all of these souls I will get revenge!
This will be your last moment
Starting to get weak. Asking not plead
Even if she sees, I won't let you leave
Filling with regret, wait till just the end
I just want to be with them again!
It was a long time ago
You came and fell below
I took your hand and we
Would never let them go
Who knew that someday you
Would leave me here alone
Hey, are you there to see?
It is your best friend me
All alone! Deep inside!
Empty with no soul or pride!
Satisfied! Now I'm completely filled inside!
Full of power! No more a flower!
Timelines I'll devour!
Losing grasp! In every death you try to last!
You won't defeat me! I will reset things!
Back to where it once was!
(No one will remember your presence)
You cannot save me! What are you doing?
Stop it let me win it!
(No one will remember your presence)
I am so lonely! I'm so afraid!
I want to say I'm sorry!
I want to go back to where things used to be.
I know that you are not the one I yearn to see.
I feel the hearts of all the souls I keep.
I'll let them go but please take care of them for me.
Thank you for everything
It's the end.

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