• Concerts witnessed in MMXV era vulgaris: part II

    3 Jul 2015, 15:46 by haadeus

    Tungsol, The Disgrazia Legend, Colored Moth and God Mother
    at XB-Liebig, Berlin on Wednesday, July 1st

    After returning from an ill-fated journey beyond the eastern sea, I took the opportunity to enlighten my sordid being with a dose of in my trusted underground den. The name of the game was this time modern . An exception to the rule was the opener, Tungsol, whose energetic and groovy craft was -induced of the un-sucky kind. Since the rest of the bands were unknown to me their play-order is rather muffled in my mind, but the last band, God Mother, was the bomb to end all wars with their ferocious blasting.

    The falafels in peanut sauce served at the venue by the mighty men of Sleaze Shows were also tasty as hell.

    at Abstand, Berlin on Friday, July 10th

    The week had been full of events of all sorts because of Rigaer Straßenfest, and the Friday evening was the time for the final drum roll and the demonstrational march from XB to Warschauer Straße or roundabouts. …
  • Anticipated 2015 Releases

    20 Feb 2015, 20:57 by orphy

    I can't wait to hear the following:

    Ahna - Crimson Dawn LP
    Ares Kingdom - The Unburiable Dead LP
    Bloody Master - EP
    Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages LP
    Deceased - Ghastly White LP
    Divine Eve - Debut LP
    Grave Ritual - Morbid Throne LP
    Inverloch - Debut LP
    Massgrave - The Absurdity of Humanity LP
    Plague/Neon Hole - Split
    Putrescence - Voiding Upon the Pulverized LP
    Sempiternal Dusk/Encoffination - A Monument to the Abyss of Death
    Sinistrous Diabolus - SDII LP
    Spectres - Utopia LP

    Stuff I've heard:
    Adversarial - Death, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism LP (DEATH FUCKING METAL)
    Ahna - Perpetual Warfare EP (incredibly heavy and sinister)
    Begrime Exemious/Flash out - Split 7" (shameless self promotion)
    Black Witchery/Revenge - Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom Split LP (pretty rad)
    Blood Incantation - Interdimensional Extinction EP (crushing death)
    blurring - s/t LP (black metal/grind brutality)

    28 Nov 2014, 07:06 by Necrologue

  • The ridiculous list of gigs I've attended

    18 Aug 2013, 14:42 by NecroZed

    This doesn't include the classical and jazz concerts, for no reason other than that I forgot and can't be bothered to renumber everything. A * denotes a band I played in.

    1 16/09/96 Jethro Tull -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    2 14/02/97 Suede + Mansun + Raissa -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    3 31/10/99 The Stranglers + Schindler - Sands Centre, Carlisle

    4 28/05/00 The Australian Pink Floyd - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

    5 15/07/00 Alice Cooper + 1 -City Hall, Newcastle

    6 19/07/00 Unknown Canadian bands -A field, Port Colborne

    7 08/09/00 Mel C + Tom Cat- Sands Centre, Carlisle

    8 27/09/00 Space + Shed 7 + The Bluetones + Animalhouse - Millennium Dome,London

    9 28/09/00 Bucks Fizz - The Venue, Canterbury

    10 28/10/00 Some industrial band - Slimelight, London

    11 09/01/01 Nearvana - The Venue, Canterbury

    12 ??/01/01 Some UKC bands - Keynes JCR, Canterbury

    13 18/01/01 The Eighties Experience - The Venue, Canterbury

    14 20/02/01 Some death metal bands - Studio 41, Canterbury
  • A quick review of my 2012 pick-ups

    30 Dec 2012, 15:00 by Abroxas

    In this journal entry I will quickly comment on all 2012-released albums I've listened to. There will be no particular order. I find it very hard to rank a lot of albums I more or less relish equally; people ranking ther favourite albums strictly always baffle me. For the sake of clarity I will order the albums in alphabetical order (artist - album title). There won't be ratings as well because numerical ratings without proper context explaining the numbers (like music magazines tend to have) plainly suck. There won't be pictures either because I don't feel like it.
    Time to mention what WILL actually be there: Quick, subjective comments. I'm no music expert and I don't expect readers to be excited about my opinion anyway, so I won't even try to discuss the albums or to write screeds. If people would feel inspired to check something out, I'd be more than glad and I think quick comments are enough to provoke such reactions. I'd be also rather grateful for recommendations based on my personal 2012.
  • Autopsy - 5/4/12

    5 May 2012, 14:36 by BlackSession323

    Autopsy, Funebrarum, Unearthly Trance, and Undergang at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. First time seeing all four bands and they all killed it, esp Funebrarum and Autopsy.

    Unearthly Trance:
    1. Obscene Truth
    2. The Horsemen Arrive in the Night
    3. The Tesla Effect
    4. Submerged Metropolis
    5. Veins
    6. Wake Up and Smell the Corpses
    7. Physical Universe Distorts

    1. Cursed Eternity
    2. Incineration on Mortal Flesh
    3. Beyond Recognition
    4. Depths of Misery
    5. Perish Beneath
    6. Grave Reaper
    7. Into the Grave

    1. Hand of Darkness
    2. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
    3. In the Grip of Winter
    4. Severed Survival
    5. Gasping For Air
    6. Slaughterday
    7. Maggot Holes
    8. Born Undead
    9. Always About to Die
    10. Seeds of the Doomed
    11. Dead
    12. Mauled to Death
    13. Voices
    14. Critical Madness
    15. Charred Remains
    16. Ridden With Disease

    Fri 4 May – Autopsy, Unearthly Trance, Funebrarum, Undergang
  • Album Review: Undergang - Til Døden os Skiller

    21 Feb 2012, 03:00 by optisailor2002

    Til Døden os Skiller
    Full Length
    Xtreem Music
    Death Metal

    Undergang's debut release Indhentet af Døden hit me like a fucking wall of concrete when it was first released back in 2010, with the crushing sound that the band giving the listener the feeling as though the band were intent on leaving no survivors by the end of the album. This year sees the band unleashing their second full length album, Til Døden os Skiller, complete with that same sick style of artwork that their debut had, and naturally, hopes are extremely high for this one.

    And as expected, right from the opening track Opløste Ådsler the band is merciless. The soft intro is but a false facade behind which the band hides, and the lone guitar that soon comes in is a sign for the listener to brace for the incoming impact. Following the style that the band has set on Indhentet af Døden…
  • 2012

    30 Jan 2012, 19:52 by germatron

    2012 album ratings:


    Mgła - With Hearts Toward None [9,75/10]
    Svartidauði - Flesh Cathedral [9,25/10]
    Eternum - Veil of Ancient Darkness [9/10]
    Horrendous - The Chills [9/10]
    Necrovation - Necrovation [9/10]
    Deiphago - Satan Alpha Omega [8,75/10]
    Denial of God - Death and the Beyond [8,75/10]
    Drawn and Quartered - Feeding Hell's Furnace [8,75/10]
    Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before the Blood Court [8,75/10]
    Knelt Rote - Trespass [8,75/10]
    Master's Hammer - Vracejte konve na místo [8,75/10]
    Revenge - Scum.Collapse.Eradication [8,75/10]
    Asphyx - Deathhammer [8,5/10]
    Binah - Hallucinating in Reserrecture [8,5/10]
    Coffin Texts - The Tomb of Infinite Ritual [8,5/10]
    Desecresy - The Doom Skeptron [8,5/10]
    Kaevum - Natur [8,5/10]
    Rahu - The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows [8,5/10]
    Unleashed - Odalheim [8,5/10]
    Venus Star - Setyphorus [8,5/10]
    Enthroned - Obsidium [8,25/10]
    Grave - Endless Procession of Souls [8,25/10]
  • Stuff I liked 2011

    25 Dec 2011, 22:41 by Pinkbat

  • Top 100 Albums, Eps, Demos and Other Releases 2011 (Edition 2)

    22 Dec 2011, 10:26 by TheArtistBox

    Top 100 Albums, Eps, Demos and Other Releases 2011


    Welcome to the Top 100 albums, EPs, Demos and Other Releases of 2011. I have created this list for my reference of great albums of the particular year and have compiled it from more than 1,000 choices.

    Year In Full

    Each Year that goes by Music in my eyes is becoming stronger and stronger, with more unique, powerful and engaging music than ever before. Yes, music has always been apart of our society in Human Culture. However, it seems now that the music industry is at the heart of our culture, our friends and our counterparts.

    2011 , has brought us more masterpieces, some dreadful disapointments and a high level of above average albums. As seen by my overview of this year (will be linked at the end of the year).

    Below, is a list I believe is the strongest since I started recording albums brillance in my paper log in book (2001). …