• some tracks I like (incomplete)

    25 Apr 2010, 20:14 by jensyao

    there's a lot of songs and artists I named here...I suggest you use Ctrl-f Still editing...

    I haven't updated this list for quite some time...I would just recommend looking up the first 5 or 10 songs under an artist on youtube to see if you like it or not...

    Hans Zimmer
    leaving wallbrook - on the road
    election by adoration
    now we are free
    main title thelma & louise
    roll tide (crimson tide)
    vide cor meum
    end title driving miss daisy
    main theme the rock
    dead man's chest
    curse of the black pearl
    Dream Is Collapsing
    Black Smoke
    chevaliers de sangreal
    the battle gladiator
    slaves of rome
    marikesh marketplace
    gladiator waltz
    rescue me madagascar escape to africa
    the sinking of arizona
    jack sparrow
    dinner is served
    two hornpipes
    I don't think now is the best
    drink up hearties
    hummell gets the rockets
    psychological recovery 6 months
    gortoz a ran - j'attends
    driving (driving muss daisy)

    RZA Bobby Digital
    From a lyrical perspective