• 2012 Gig Diary...

    9 Jan 2012, 14:01 by TheWagonMaster

    And so it begins again...

    Wednesday January 4th, The Washington, Sheffield

    The Coma Girls + House Of Charms + the very tail end of Mark Jones

    Saturday January 21st, The Globe, Glossop

    Torn Sail

    Wednesday February 8th, The Viper Rooms, Sheffield

    Dave Sleney

    Thursday February 9th, WagonWheel Presents... @ The Greystones, Sheffield

    Quiet Loner + Greg Harrisburg + Neil McSweeney

    Saturday February 11th, The Speedwell Inn, Staveley

    Dan Raza + Quiet Loner + Greg Harrisburg

    Thursday February 23rd, The Greystones, Sheffield

    The Lucky Strikes + Ox

    Friday February 24th, The Frog & Parrot, Sheffield

    Roaming Son

    Thursday March 8th, WagonWheel Presents... @ The Greystones, Sheffield

    Sean Taylor + Paul Handyside + Andrew Oxley

    Thursday March 15th, The Riverside, Sheffield

    Mark Wynn + a duo doing the open mic, whos name i missed

    Sunday March 18th, WagonWheel Presents... @ The Greystones, Sheffield

  • Favorite Albums of 2008

    1 Jan 2009, 01:44 by heatherc

    I will be kind and post my year-end mix at the top of this journal with my ranked list and commentary afterward for those who want to read it.

    2008 Year-End Mix

    As always, my year-end mix consists of one volume of two songs from each of my top 10 albums and another volume of one song from each of my next 20 (actually, this year it’s 22; I just couldn’t trim it any further). In case you don’t want to download the entire thing, I tagged the songs which, as of this writing, are available on last.fm in full.

    THE BEST http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YGPIPM2E
    1.Pop Lie - Okkervil River
    2.Reasons Not to Be an Idiot - Frank Turner
    3.Love Ire & Song - Frank Turner
    4.People C'mon - Delta Spirit
    5.Trashcan - Delta Spirit
    6.I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying - Ladyhawk
    7.Fear - Ladyhawk
    8.The Snow Leopard - Shearwater
    9.On The Death Of The Waters - Shearwater
    10.Damn Me - Otis Gibbs
    11.Ain't Nothin Special - Otis Gibbs
  • 2008 - The Halfway Point

    5 Jul 2008, 18:18 by heatherc

    Halfway through the year so I guess I’ll start looking at the albums that definitely will, may be, and probably won’t be in my year-end top 30. Top 30 is because my year-end mix always consists of one volume containing 2 songs from each of my top 10 albums and one volume of 1 song from my next favorite 20. I normally hate when people just link to a bunch of artists without saying anything of substance and so my first inclination was to write this without tagging. But then I thought someone may click on this because they like one artist, see a whole bunch of others they like, and so possibly give ones they haven’t heard of a try.

    Albums that will almost certainly be in my top 10:
    Otis Gibbs - Grandpa Walked A Picket Line - Though not officially out until September, it is available for streaming now here or on last.fm. I’ve been listening to this since February and right now expect it to be my second favorite album of the year. …
  • Recommended new releases, part II

    26 May 2008, 18:03 by marco78train

    Finally, here's part II of my recommended new releases series. As usual, I found quite a few good records in my mailbox. One of the first was the new 3 Doors Down, one of my favorite bands of old. It’s more of the same, but since the same was good, this one is also good. Just not very surprising. The same goes for the new Gavin DeGraw record, that has no title, but sounds like Chariot, Part II. Since Chariot was a great album and this new one has great songs such as In Love With A Girl, Next To Me en Medicate The Kids, I don’t really mind.

    My favorite new releases, however, are Ana Hina by Natacha Atlas, Twilight Hotel’s Highway Prayer, and A Thousand Shark’s Teeth by My Brightest Diamond. Natacha Atlas is an Egyptian singer, born in Belgium and raised in England. Her music is a melting pot of Eastern and Western influences. In the past, this meant a mix between traditional Arabic music and Western dance. This time around she did something different. …