• Ratin' yo library (2.0 edition)

    3 May 2015, 11:32 by Dlartrisky

    It's early daytime so I want to make it an edition 2.0 of a game I started! Yay!

    Worth to note the order at the end will get rearranged because just recently I managed to add 2 more libraries into this game. Welcome more hours of music!
    + Also I followed WATIC242's idea and now I'll have to post a ranking of everything I heard from all the libraries down here. The bottom 5 library songs will get a punishment of somewhat: their libraries will be 'eliminated' from my recent station list just so I could clean up properly. ^^ Maybe one of those 5 will reappear sooner or later, but so many libraries all at once and no one dares to play Play Library in various groups rather than the same people. :(

    Okay so I begin with...

    Filthgrinder__ | MayhemPagan Fears

    Reminds me of that kind of music Saetiah would enjoy. (: I don't even know if he likes Mayhem however, but I find it goooooood. [7.5/10]

    Mommabee68 | The AlarmHallowed Ground

  • SXSW 2007: My (late) thoughts

    28 Apr 2007, 15:37 by dave-tx

    An amalgamation of several posts relating to this year's SXSW festival.....

    My first day at [event=99069]SXSW[/event] got started off a little slow, what with driving from Dallas after seeing a hockey game the night before. I missed most of the day parties that I had hoped to attend, but Wednesday was the "weakest" day in my schedule, anyhow. I'll post links to pictures and video after the festival - I don't feel like mucking around on Youtube or Flickr at this point.

    Started off wandering around downtown Austin before dinner, just to check out the scene. Went to Emo's Annex (a small tent set up outside Emo's) and saw a band that the Austin Chronicle recommended - Honeycut, a four piece electronic rock act. The lineup was a keyboardist, bassist, vocalist, and drum synth player (who actually tapped out the beat on some machine or another). Songs were catchy and well executed, and the soul influences of the vocalist were excellent.

    After dinner, we headed out to see Simple Kid, an Irish singer-songwriter in the stylings of Beck. …
  • Radio 8-03-06 - SXSW

    9 Mar 2006, 09:13 by andrewbiles

    This is in light of next week's South by South West festival. Bit of a strange mix, but the majority of the tracks are well worth a listen, its nearly an hour long so its not like your whole day will be gone, especially if you shove it on your iPod or something and go out with it. Anyway, hope you enjoy it...


    Annuals - X
    The Spits - 19 Million A.C.
    Jon Randall - Austin
    Real Ones - Ballad of an old man
    Lying in States - Turn
    Moka Only - More Soup
    Times New Viking - We got rocket
    Chris Mills - Chris Mills is living the dream
    ZZZ - House of sin
    Erin Roberts/Porlolo - Scratch my back
    Jolie Holland - Black stars
    Zenzile - Simple lesson edit
    Turn Me On Dead Man - 67 dreams
    Serena-Maneesh - Un-deux
    The Capes - Tightly wound
    Epo-555 - Il Presidente


    Yousendit (28mb)

    If you want website links and what-not to the bands click here.
  • Yay Alternative Tentacles

    3 Jan 2006, 19:31 by rudiethefailure

    Downloaded close to 50 songs from Alternative Tentacles last night. munly for one, plus Leftover Crack, The Phantom Limbs, The Sermon, The Dicks, Turn Me On Dead Man, Los Infernos, and Zen Guerilla. Oh Jello, you may be a complete idiot now, but you still put out decent records.