• TWM and Zentropa film

    11 Sep 2008, 11:11 by guthorm

    ENGLISH: we proudly announce an agreement with Zentropa (that is a branch of Nordisk film, a film production house from Denmark who produced, as Zentropa, also Lars Von Trier's movie such as "Dancer in the Dark" with the great Bjork) to officially put the music of The Wimshurst's Machine in a bank for the artists produced by Zentropa and Nordisk film. We hope to soon see some scandinavian movie using this music! Album they selected: Time Traveller, The Alchemist and A traveller who didn't ask for glory these last two in the Remaster version.

    ITALIANO: siamo lieti di annunciare la firma di un accordo con Zentropa (branca della Nordisk Film, casa di produzione cinematografica danese che tra gli altri ha prodotto i film di Lars Von Trier come "Dancer in the Dark, con la grandissima Bjork) per inserire la musica dei The Wimshurst's Machine tra la musica per colonna sonora da proporre ai propri registi. Speriamo di assistere presto ad un film scandinavo con qualche tema dei…
  • Time Traveller

    27 May 2007, 10:56 by guthorm

    Ciao! Se parli italiano, lo troverai in coda all'inglese! :-)

    ENGLISH: It's official: "Time Traveller", the new album by The Wimshurst's Machine is out now! 37 tracks, 2 CDs, more than 120 minutes of award-winning music with an 18 pages booklet (with a short novel in italian, the song lyrics and the marvelous arts of the Spectrum Artist 2006 Daniele Scerra). We are absolutely proud of it! :-) The genre: new age, ambient, chillout and trip-hop electro-acoustic mix with a couple of fusion cross-genre songs.
    In this album, mastered by TCREC in Torino, Italy (the same who were also in the mastering of Eiffel65) we feature also several great musician friends from around the world, such as Corrado Rossi, LiSA & KMP, dcallen, Gamma Leonis, Scott Hill & Mediterranea, Queenie, Andrea Ferroni and Trulala! We are particularly proud of the great work they have made with us and we thanks them for the great experience that was to work with them!