• My Suggestion on Patent Law

    18 Aug 2011, 02:14 by Milkshake8

    It is easy to complain. Much harder to come up with solutions. Many won’t like what I propose, but who wants to make lawyers happy anyway ?

    The Solution ?

    1. End all software patents. Don’t make them shorter, eliminate them.

    I have no problem with software being copyrightable just as it always has been. That is more than enough protection and keeps enough Lawyers un-gainfully employed.

    2. End all process patents. They serve absolutely no purpose. None.

    If you create a new process, use it. The benefit is from creating the idea and using it in a business to your advantage. Afraid that some big company might Steal the Idea ? That is life. When you run with the elephants there are the quick and the dead. That is a challenge every small company faces. A process patent is not going to make your business successful. The successful execution of business processes will. …