• New year...but still some good 2008 albums to listen too.....Trek Life & Oddisee

    7 Jan 2009, 14:19 by Spankmaster79

    First of all, happy new year to everyone. Don't know what 2009 will bring so I'm closing 2008 with a good one I really like hearing.

    All Times by Trek Life & Oddisee is a real good album with great production and some rapping by Oddiseee. It always get's me when producers play the original sample at the end of the track, or as intro to the track. I love to hear how someone flipped a sample.

    But mainly this album is a remix project with 13 remixes and 2 unreleased tracks, as far as I know. As told in the intro track by Oddisee, this album is a remix of the 2006 Prive I've payed Album by Trek Life. I heard of Trek Life before, but didn't know he had an album. So I immediatly listen to the old one and can say that it is sure solid, with production also done by DJ Rhettmatic, DJ Babu, Diverse or DJ Khalil.

    I like the 2008 version much more than the old one, but the old version is definetly worth listening. If you want to compare for yourself, here's the tracklist. I know you'll find it in the net.........store.