• My 2010 Part 1.

    23 Dec 2010, 20:42 by Wexzer

    Yeah, It's finally time to sum up what has happening in 2010. On the personally plan, this hasn't been the best year for me, do to some loses. But it has been a good year when it comes down to music. But I'm really looking foward to go into the next year. 2011 is definitely going to be an interesting year for me, both when it comes to music and personal challenges, but more about that later.

    I will first start up with listing those albums which have disappointed me, and then list all those albums which sounded as you might expected, you know "The decent kind of album, which is okay, but won't make it into your top 20". I hope I can remember all the stuff that has been released, otherwise leave me a comment below if I left something out.

    The disappointments:
    A Day to Remember - What Separates Me from You
    A Day to Remember released this album at the end of the year. I've become really into ADTR 's music lately, but I most say this album disappointed me. I can't really put a finger on why it did so. …