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Taken from Tragedy's Myspace page:
Tragedy was released on the world in late 1978. Born into poverty& Violence , He never knew his real dad. Instead he found himself abused verbally and physically by whatever stap dad or boyfriend that entered his moms life. Tragedy found sanctuary in the graphic music of artist such as NWA,GETO Boys,RunDMC,TonLoc, and several other rap groups. Between that and his passion for sports especially football he made it thrue high school. Tho Tragedy had outlets he found himself unable to be happy, it seemed nothing good would last and he felt doomed to repeat the shitty life he was promised at birth. Not willing to have nothing Tragedy went after everything. as he did his freinds began to dissapear either by choice or by death,,The morbid sideof Tragedy had begun to dwell on lost life and lost time it wasnt long before his alcohol addiction worsened and soon cocaine joined his daily Jim Beam obsession.Then in 1998 Tragedys liver failed due to the abuse it had absorbed from the drugs and drink. As he lie in bed bleeding to death awaiting the death of a worthless life he was given perpus. Tragedy wittnessed a maricle of a dark nature.Spirits/Ghosts told Tragedy their story and instructed him that he was not only going to live but he was gonna deliver a messege to the masses to all who would listen. Shortly after Tragedy checked himself out of the hospital and the Tragic messege was born. He began to wear the blood on his face as a symbolic gesture to when he was bleeding out and dieing in the hospital. He bled from his nose mouth and eyes as is commen when a human suffers liver failure. From nothing he began the path he was shown. In 2002 Tragedy released his first album titled "Acid Rain"
tho the album was crudely recorded on a playstation and the sound quality was lacking there was an instant fanbase for what he was saying.
In 2003 Tragedy released his second album "The Necropimp" This album was much improved and the ocal scene as well as many national artist took notice. while they were learning about Tragedy his loyal fanbase was growing rapidly and he had began to penetrate the underground scene on a national level.
Late 2005 Tragedy rleased his 3rd album,"Razorbladez& Handgrenadez" Since then he has never looked back and has remained in the eye of the underground.
Tragedy has toured the nation with artist ranging from Tech N9ne to Bushwick bill and even 2 Live Crew. At the same time Tragedy has recorded tracks with industry greats such as Brotha Lynch,Doomsday,Techn9ne,Critical, bill,Pdm,Bushwick bill,Spice1,Marz and many others.
Currently Tragedy is at work on his first full length DVD titled "Dumb Cunts and Swisher Blunts" as well as 2 CD releases slated for late 2007.
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