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The Toucher and Rich Show is a weekday radio show that airs on WBCN from 6 to 10am and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. The show first aired on June 5, 2006. In 2008 Toucher and Rich were nominated for Personality of the Year (Alternative Rock) by the Radio & Records Industry Achievement Awards. On August 14, 2009, the show moved to Boston's 98.5: The Sports Hub, following the demise of WBCN.

Show crew
* Fred Toucher - co-host
* Rich Shertenlieb - co-host
* Crash Clark 3rd chair, news and sports
* B-Real - show producer
* Adolfo Gonzalez, Jr. A.K.A. "Kadolfo" A.K.A. "Scoops Gonzalez" A.K.A. "Gonzerelli" - Assistant producer
* P.J. - show intern

The "Iron My Shirt" Incident

On January 7, 2008, Nick, a former show intern, and Adolfo pranked Senator Hillary Clinton during a campaign speech in New Hampshire. In front of a crowd of supporters, Clinton spoke the words, "Some people think they can bring about change…" Upon the word, "change", Nick and Adolfo, stood up with signs reading, "Iron My Shirt" and proceeded to shout the slogan. Clinton then asked her staffers to "turn the lights on…it's so dark…" She then said, "Ah, the remnants of sexism are alive and well," to applause from the crowd, as the men were led away by Clinton's security. Clinton managed to make light of the incident, asking if anyone in the audience had questions, or still wondered how one irons a shirt.

A journalist, Michael McAuliff of the NY Daily News, followed the pranksters from the speech area and found they had "Hillary for President" stickers, causing accusations they were pro-Hillary plants.

The "J-si" Incident

In 2008 Rich heard a bit done on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning where J-si (Rich's replacement on the show) was doing one of Rich's Bits "The Musical Movie Review" to preview The Love Guru. Rich appeared to think that J-si was trying to steal his bit and the next day played the bit on the show and insulted J-si for doing it. It later came to light that Rich had been corresponding with J-Si and was aware that he was going to do the bit as a joke. However J-si only did it as a joke because the host of the show Kidd Kraddick, mockingly said he missed Rich. After Rich learned this he sent J-si flowers as a joke.

The Chili Guy

A frequent bit on the radio show involves interviews with a homeless man known as "The Chili Guy". In addition to "The Chili Guy", the man goes by a number of monikers, including "The Zimmy Kid", "Joe Joe LaGardi", "Joe Joe Weiss", and "Hot Dog Guy". It is believed that The Chili Guy suffers from a mental disorder that causes him to speak in gibberish, and also to converse to an imaginary friend, Timmy. His rants and catch-phrases are a favorite on the show, including, "Couple of beers, no beers…chili", "BRING HIM UP ON RACKETEERING CHARGES!", "WHO'S SELLIN WHO'S BUYIN WHO'S SELLIN WHO'S BUYIN" and "How many eights you got?". His favorite food is from "PIZZZZAAA HOOOOUSE", and his favorite beverage is "REEEEEED DRIIIINK". The Chili Guy claims to be related to Ted DiBiase and Hulk Hogan. It has been confirmed that "red drink" is Arizona Fruit Punch, produced by the Arizona Beverage Company; however, this product is not officially endorsed by either the show or The Chili Guy. The Chili Guy is most often interviewed by Adolfo Gonzalez (known by The Chili Guy as "Kadolfo"), who has been told on many occasions that the two have never met.

On May 22, 2008 The Chili Guy exposed "Kadolfo" Gonzalez as a suspect in a murder and robbery of a hotel. He confirmed that Adolfo had been replaced by a duplicate by checking the back of Adolfo's head. The Chili Guy advised him to hide his identity by buying a new pair of shoes and a coffee. He also mentioned that Adolfo needs a shower and should lose weight.

Adolpho's Hypnotism

On September 10, 2008, Adolfo was hypnotized by a hypnotist. One part of the bit was that whenever anybody said "Metallica", Adolfo would respond by saying "touch my weiner." Rich said that they had recorded an hour and a half of audio from the hypnotism of Adolfo that they would play over the next few days.

Other Frequent Contributors

The Gunner: An often inebriated caller who begins every call by saying "Hey guys… hey." Pieces with The Gunner include his karaoke of various popular songs. Frequently challenges Adolfo to a "panty drinking contest", which involves chugging beers through a woman's used panties.

Dungeon Master Jim: a Boston lawyer whose main hobby is gaming. DMJ is the T&R definitive source for all things nerdy on the show, and he has begun to have his own segments on the movie review bits. He also hosts "Warp Speed To the Weekend", which is a weekly segment on T&R where Jim discusses the latest events in sci-fi and fantasy for the weekend. The "Warp Speed To the Weekend" segment usually airs on Fridays at 4:30 pm.

Quincy Brisco: a local legend known for his appearances on cable access television. He considers himself an entertainer, and loves performing karaoke. He also is a big 70's and 80's pop culture trivia buff. He has been teamed with The Gunner several times on the show; his high energy presence in contrast to Gunner's laid back demeanor.

Frequent Bits

Rich Goes to the Movies: Rich reviews two or three movies in the theaters. The last review is sung to the theme music of Magnum P.I.

Dating on Demand: The show analyzes cable company dating videos submitted by less than desirable folks.

Sports: Crash's sports report. The opening song to the bit is "The Best Around" from the movie Karate Kid.

Ask Crash: Fans of the show can email Crash questions which he answers on the air. One answer is usually in the form of a song parody.

Would You Buy It: Rich announces the week's new music and DVD release's.

Fred's Crappy Game: A satirical radio show game. The questions' answers are usually of Fred's opinion.

Drunken Celtics/Red Sox recap: a member of the show goes out and interviews drunks outside of stadiums and bars after Celtics and Red Sox games. The first meeting with the Chili Guy came during a drunken Red Sox recap.

I Rule: A weekly contest similar to the 100,000 Dollar Pyramid

Best of Boston: An annual contest to determine who has the best face, butt, boobs and feet in Boston. Winners get tickets to the "chili pot" St. Patrick day concert where they can win a trip.

Know Your Butt Rock: A contest in which callers must identify songs from bands that are considered "butt rock", a term referring to generic top 40 rock like Daughtry and Nickelback.

The List: An oft-repeated collaboration in which members of the show and callers contribute "top 10" style items on predetermined topics such as "Guys who you wish were your dad" and "Biggest media overreactions."

Best of/Worst of Brackets: In this bit, the cast creates March Madness style brackets in order to pit pop culture figures against one another, usually in a field of 16. The most notorious of these bits was the "Worst Comedians" bracket, which garnered international attention from various media outlets and comedy blogs. Other examples include "Worst Sportscaster" and "Most Fascinating Person in Boston".

Ward Wednesdays: Boston Bruins veteran defenseman Aaron Ward calls in to the show during the NHL season to discuss life with the Boston Bruins.

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