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Name applies to multiple artist(s)/group(s):

1) German Hip-hop performer
2) Danish vocalist and electronica producer
3) Spanish Hip-hop performer
4) American ensemble
5) Japanese traditional ensemble
6) Mandarine Rap Artist TONE -please tag as 仲维军
7) American metal band

(1) Tone is a German hip-hop artist, born in Frankfurt. As part of Konkret Finn (the first German battlecrew) along with his former partner lz, he was one of the inventors of German battle rap.

After "Konkret Finn" broke up, Tone considered starting a solo career and was featured on songs of artists such as Azad, the Brothers Keepers, Curse, D-Flame, J-Luv, Killa Hakan, Melbeatz, Samy Deluxe, the Stieber Twins and Roey Marquis II.

His solo breakthrough came in 2004, when he formed "Fourtress" with Bintia and Billy Davis and toured all over Germany. One year later, he was featured on German star Xavier Naidoo's release "Bist du am Leben interessiert?", and also released his first solo album, "Zukunftsmusik".

(2) With her abstract break beats, fragile voice and mesmerizing lyrics, female artist Tone has found an impressive outlet for her inner musical strengths, creating experimental ambient electronica sounds ranging from uplifting moods to bleak shades of melancholy.

Musically, Tone - who carries the civil name Sofie Nielsen - creates a remarkable audiovisual realm in which her light and spell-binding voice adds to a bedrock of crunchy break beats, abstract compositional structures and melodic sounds and samples. Not being a typical songwriter in terms of clinging to the usage of the traditional structure of verses and choruses, Tone relies on improvisation and creative exploration in the creation of her unpredictable musical landscapes - while adding daunting, yet compelling lyrics - and thereby drawing listeners into her musical and atmospheric universe of thoughts, sounds and a myriad of emotional expressions.

Tone’s live performance is a spectacular experience. Accompanied by VJ Kristian Ravn Ellestad, the two blend together in an audiovisual symbiosis accentuating the moods of Tone’s emotionally charged music. Tone and Kristian have cooperated in making small individual movie loops to each of her tracks, adding coherency and an abstract kind of storytelling to the performance.

Tone is signed to Urlyd, an independent Danish record label.

(3) Tone is one of the most original MCs in Spain. With a style you may have never heard in a hip hop artist, Tone fills his songs with dark, claustrophobic pictures, being extremely well accompanied by Dark la eMe's almost trip hop instrumentals. He has created and developed his unique style through hundreds of shows and one album (2005). The underground spanish hip hop scene awaits his next album.


1. Tr3s ojos en la espalda
2. Algunos Cortes (2005)

(4) Tone was formed in Washington DC in 1991 by Norm Veenstra, with the goal of creating dynamic instrumental music using a layered, multiple electric guitar format. Operating within a rock context, with a drummer, one or two bass players, and as many as six guitarists, the result was a sound that gladly accepted the unambiguous tonality of popular music yet still found room for meaningful dissonance - austere, dramatic, and loud. With an unmistakable lineage (Savage Republic, Nice Strong Arm, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham), Tone set about its earliest performances with the determination and belief that there was still room for intelligent instrumental music.

While Tone's first shows were often described as relentlessly raw, by the time of their first recording sessions in 1993 and 1994 they had evolved a more precise, if not polished, approach. One of the more fascinating characteristics of the band came about in their early performances, when sounds that no one actually played arose as a natural occurrence of the harmonic interplay of multiple guitars. Eschewing the theatrics of the guitar solo and the seductive allure of electronic effects in favour of highly arranged ensemble work and bright glowing power amp tubes, Tone delivered their first CD in November of 1994, Build (on Dischord/IPR), an EP of six songs that used layered and repeated interlocking guitar parts as compositional building blocks.

(5) TONE is a Western ensemble comprised of three musicians, who play the shakuhachi (an instrument representative of Japan), and the guitar. The trio's leader, Yukihiko Mitsuka, is well known not only as a shakuhachi player, but as a master craftsman of the instrument, as well. TONE expresses the elegance of traditional Japanese music, and is currently well-received in live performances in many parts of Japan.

(6) TONE (仲维军) is a MC/rapper singer song writer from Taiwan

(7) TONE is a metal band in Greenville, SC.

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