• "I Don't Like Country Music"

    11 Apr 2008, 00:06 by heatherc

    Over on a forum I participate in the ubiquitous topic of "I don't like country music" came up. One guy had this to say:

    "I can't get into the whole line dancing thing, or the culture that seems to surround country -- traditional, white, god-loving, gun-toting, Christians (I'm none of those, well maybe just a little traditional). I'm not a big NASCAR fan either.

    I know that not all country is like that, but regardless of the artist, that is how it comes across to me."

    Now the way I see it this guy is basically saying, I'm comfortable with my long-held prejudices about music and those who listen to it, and I choose to ignore anything that may negate my beliefs. If I want to really give him the benefit of the doubt I could suppose what he's saying is the country sound reminds him of these things that he doesn't like and thus he can't enjoy listening to it. Much the way, after a bad breakup, someone may no longer be able to listen to a song they used to like. …
  • 2006 Year-End Mix

    24 Dec 2006, 14:09 by heatherc

    Every year I create a year-end mix. The first disk is two songs from each of my top 10 albums. The second disk is one song from each of my next 20 favorites (including things I don't put in my top 10 like retrospectives and EPs). Here's the download links and track listing:

    THE BEST -
    1. Shearwater - Hail, Mary (from Palo Santo) (5:11)
    2. Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea (from Palo Santo) (2:58)
    3. Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail (from What The Toll Tells) (5:46)
    4. Two Gallants - Steady Rollin' (from What The Toll Tells) (4:28)
    5. Frida Hyvönen - Straight Thin Line (from Until Death Comes) (3:35)
    6. Frida Hyvönen - Djuna! (from Until Death Comes) (2:36)
    7. The Coup - I Love Boosters (from Pick A Bigger Weapon) (3:45)
    8. The Coup - We Are The Ones (from Pick A Bigger Weapon) (4:15)
    9. Lily Allen - Friday Night (from Alright, Still) (3:06)
    10. Lily Allen - LDN (from Alright, Still) (3:10)
  • A Cool Noise reviews June/July

    4 Aug 2006, 09:35 by coolnoise

    Reviews on the new look A Cool Noise

    Supersonic by The Voodoo Dolls
    Different Like Everyone Else by Cardboard Radio
    Baggage by The Scaramanga Six
    Demostration by onewordpoem
    Promo by The 45 Rebellion
    Signal Noise by Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames
    The Octopus In The Igloo by GunsLkeGirls
    On High by Soundpool
    Boom Times by Don's Mobile Barbers
    7 Song Tape by Tom Leach
    You Can Know Danger by At Dusk
    Box Of A Billion Lights by The October Game
    Give Me by The Human Value
    Happy Endings Make You Weak by The Mourning After
  • Tom Leach is back!

    17 Jul 2006, 03:04 by heatherc

    My first journal entry should be about Okkervil River, who have been my obsession these past 4 years. But everyone is writing about them.

    What's the one thing better than discovering a new musician? Finding out that one you loved and thought was gone from the music business forever shows up again.

    I went to listen to Tom Leach's Recorded Live In Person today, but windows media player didn't automatically read it. When I tried to see if the album info was there so I wouldn't have to type it in, I discovered that this year he has a new album out: 7 Song Tape/Thank You For The Coffee. It can be ordered from cdbaby: and he's got four of the songs on his myspace page:

    His last album, the live one mentioned above, was released in 1998 and I've heard nothing from him since. Of course, there's the initial hesitation of whether the artist will sound as good as they did back when. …