• Snow Day #1: The Thin White Duke on the Love Rollercoaster, or, maybe it really is…

    14 Feb 2007, 17:54 by JoeIsListening

    (It's a snow day in Ohio! I'm marooned at home, but had the foresight to bring some work home with me. However, I'm taking a series of breaks to post some of the journal entries I've been slowly working on but otherwise haven't had time to make public.)

    Listening to WMJI in Cleveland the other night as I was drifting off to sleep, their evening flashback program was focused on the year 1976. The Top Ten songs for February 10th of that year were heavy on Disco - and one of them was Love Rollercoaster.

    I was never a fan of the song back then and still am not, but I caught myself listening to it just because it's been probably 30 years since I've heard it. Yeah, there was that whole rumor about a woman being murdered in the studio next door to account for the scream in the song, but what struck me this time was the song's resemblance to Stay.

    More specifically, the live version of Stay added as a bonus track to the CD reissue of Station to Station. …
  • January 8th: Born on this day

    8 Jan 2007, 15:03 by tenderbranson69

    1959, Born on this day, Paul Hester, drums, Crowded House, (1992 UK No.7 single 'Weather With You'). Hester died on 26th March 2005 aged 46, found hanged in a park in Melbourne.

    1947, Born on this day, David Jones, (David Bowie). First UK Top 40 single was the 1969 'Space Oddity' which became a UK No.1 in 1975, plus over 50 other UK Top 40 hits including five No.1's. Bowie has also scored two US No.1 singles, the 1975 'Fame' and 1983 'Let's Dance'. Plus two albums with Tin Machine in 1991 and 1992.

    1946, Born on this day, Robert Krieger – guitarist with The Doors, (1967 US No.1 & UK No.49 single with ‘Light My Fire’ and a 1971 US No.14 & UK No.22 single ‘Riders On The Storm’).

    1945, Born on this day, Terry Sylvester, guitar, vocals, Swinging Blue Jeans, The Hollies, (joined in 1969). 1972 US No.2 single 'Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress', 1988 UK No.1 single 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother', first released in 1969.

  • Artists I've seen live

    6 Dec 2006, 13:00 by steevc

    In approximate date order. Can't remember what year some were. Not including all the college and pub gigs.

    Queen My first gig on their Works tour (1984?) at the NEC. Also saw them on the Kind of Magic tour at Wembley Statium, and went to the Freddie tribute gig there.

    David Bowie lots of times. Outside, Earthling, Heathen, Reality tours plus Meltdown 2002. Assorted support including
    The Dandy Warhols at Meltdown and Reality. First time they played noise, second they played the hits (much better). Morrisey on Outside.

    Marillion NEC 1986?

    Hawkwind Coventry Poly 1986?

    Phil Collins NEC 1987? Used to like his stuff

    Dire Straits NEC 1987?

    Deep Purple Wembley Arena 1988? Old and loud

    They Might Be Giants Freiburg, Germany 1989ish

    Tin Machine Cambridge Corn Exchange 1991?

    Living Colour Cambridge Junction and Brixton Accademy 1991 ish

    Genesis Knebworth 1992. Too far away from the stage for my liking

    Extreme NEC 1993?

  • Greatest Guitarists & Their Highlights (I.M.O.)

    22 Nov 2006, 20:14 by OthelloMT

  • November 2nd: On this Day

    2 Nov 2006, 21:43 by tenderbranson69

  • Moving Day

    4 Dec 2005, 15:07 by AntonSirius

    Time to freshen up ye olde Kitchen Sink playlist on iTunes...

    Looking through my piles of unripped CDs, I notice Angel Dust peeking its head out. Following up from last night, I should get some more Krautrock in there... Electronic Meditation and Alpha Centauri by Tangerine Dream will do nicely. And, just for fun, some Reeves Gabrels -- the first Tin Machine album, along with A Night in Amnesia (the album he recorded with David Tronzo.

    Hmm, that seems too, what's the word... muso? Let's get some Aimee Mann, Terence Trent D'Arby and Poe going too.

    Heck, let's make it an even 10 -- I haven't ripped Get Behind Me Satan yet either.

    Once (or rather, while) that's done, I'll rotate some songs out of the list and replace them from the library.

    Oh, what fun we'll have!