• The Great Escape Day 3

    29 May 2009, 18:07 by latenightbus

    Thu 14 May – The Great Escape

    BabyshamblesTin Can TelephoneThe Joy FormidableBen KwellerBritish Sea PowerGolden Silvers

    Once upon a time when I was slightly less cynical and had slightly more hair it was a dream of mine to catch Babyshambles and British Sea Power on the same bill and my lord with Babyshambles announcement that they were playing a gig outside at Audio that would be possible!

    Let's get the vitriol out the way first Mik Whitnall has no business being the guitarist in Busted let alone the replacement for one of most horrifically underrated guitarists of recent years (that's Patrick Walden folks)and I'm just glad I was unable to see him from my vantage point otherwise things were getting thrown. Having said that Babyshambles are in danger of becoming a professional outfit, bourne out of an absolutely superb rhythm section supporting possibly the most charasmatic British frontman of recent times. A short greatest hits set encompasses the good (Fuck Forever…