• Bonnaroo Day 4 (Sunday)

    24 Jun 2006, 18:54 by tweedyfarrar

    Unexplicabally, Sunday morning came around and I abandoned my initial plan to catch Shooter Jennings and instead arrived quite early for Abigail Washburn's set, which included special guest Bela Fleck.

    The set was great with Bela and Abigail playing banjo and a young man playing cello. It was awesome to see Bela Fleck upclose and in traditional mode. Washburn's voice and banjo playing both invoke a traditional manner and the effect with Bela's banjo and the cello was extraordinary. The set was at the Troo Music Lounge a relatively small venue at the festival and it was packed, probably because of the late planned appearance of Bela Fleck, but many just like myself were sold on Washburn by the end of the set. I promptly bought her new CD Songs of the Traveling Daughter, which is exceptional. The CD just like her set included several songs sung in chinese.

    Next my main goal was to set up my afternoon. So I went to see Deadboy and elephantman in order to get good position for Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. …
  • The Roo in Review: Day 4 (Sunday)

    22 Jun 2006, 17:49 by adm149

    The last day of Bonnaroo '06 was (at least in the morning) not nearly as hot as the preceding days. The first set of the day I attended was Mike Doughty's set at 'This Tent.' He was pretty good, and he had a really strong band backing him. I've fallen in and out of love with his new album 'Haughty Melodic,' largely to due to what I felt what the Dave Matthews-like sheen on the songs and some weak lyrics in places. He is a great gravelly vocalist, however, and the band played in a surprisingly funky manner. Doughty mixed solo songs with some songs I didn't recognize (some obviously from his old band Soul Coughing, but possibly some new ones as well) It was a solid set, but really didn't blow me away. After his set, I caught the last ten minutes or so of Shooter Jennings's set at 'The Other Tent,' and I kinda wished I had watched that set instead, because the guitars were absolutely blistering.

    Folling Shooter Jennings was the bluegrass virtuoso Jerry Douglas, considered by many the best dobro player in the business. …