• Britpop 101

    27 Jan 2009, 21:59 by -jc-

    so, our mate Quinny is only young - born in 1987, he missed out on the majority of the whole thing that defined most of our childhoods. lucky him, you might say, and you're probably right... but there's a large part of me that feels the need to educate our young friend about those heady, carefree days of yore...

    to this extent, i've made the boy a mix... that became two mixes... that's now expanded to a hundred song playlist, dredging up a number of long forgottens that even i hardly gave time for 14 years ago...

    inspiration came from a number of Shine compilations, as well as free CDs from the likes of Select, Vox, NME and Melody Maker still knocking around my bedroom. and of course, my own dodgy library of near hit singles and nomark albums i've gathered together in roughly 15 years of never throwing anything away.

    i remember back in the day, beyond the obvious stuff carried forward on such compilations, some of the more interesting / obscure / flash in the pan…
  • My Top 100 Albums. 92: Tiger - We Are Puppets

    30 Jul 2008, 22:48 by rocklobster

    Tiger - We Are Puppets

    Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
    Their second album was quite sh...

    ...but their first album, We Are Puppets, was my favourite LP of 1996.

    I had spent a large portion of my youth recording, then incessantly playing my tapes of John Peel's annual Festive Fifty. In 1990, I decided to do my own - choosing my top fifty tracks of the year, and ordering them in to my very own chart. I did this every year until 2000, so I have a detailed account of my changing tastes throughout the 1990s. In 1996, We Are Puppets dominated my end of year chart with 7 (seven) entries (although Urusei Yatsura took the number one spot with Phasers on Stun).

    We Are Puppets was an album of "wrong" indie rock, as played by brickies from Nizhniy-Novgorod (okay, they were from London, but they looked Siberian). If only corporate-indie ming-monkeys like The Fratellis or Pigeon Detectives were half so interesting... instead of being advised by marketing and their stylists to behave…
  • A quick run through bands that stole my heart, for better or worse...

    18 May 2008, 02:57 by thisisall1word

    14 years old and Oasis are about to release Shaker Maker and I know that this band will become the most important thing ever after Steve Lamaq & Jo Wiley tell me so. Not a great song is it? I would fight for this band every inch for a few years, refusing to buy Blur records (even the ones I really liked) for a long time...
    Knebworth was ace. Everything after that was a bit bloated and crap but, fuck it, I truly loved them.

    17 years old and Belle and Sebastian try to flog a record that a local school has put out. It sells via some good Marc & Lard airplay and because it is possibly the best debut LP ever. I don't pick up a copy of Tigermilk and have to get a taped copy of a copy of a copy from the sinister list guys a few years later. I do manager to buy every thing else and play it all to death and write bad poetry in tribute. Saw Tigermilk for sale on eBay going for over £400... bugger. B&S created ATP chalet festivals and went on to release the best LP of 2003 and make me very happy.
  • Tiger, Indie Tiger

    14 Jan 2008, 19:37 by poorshakes

    River by Tiger.

    Tiger were (and are) on of my most cherished groups. They never hit big, and one look at them, or their single sleeves, or their lyric sheets and you can ascertain why.

    Some members of the group had mullets after it was fashionable, and before it was ironic. The singer spun vocal melodies which were frankly off key and off kilter. Musically their core sound was built around fairly slamming drums, Moog basslines and single stringed guitar lines. On top off this were Dan Laider's vocals and more Moog keyboard lines.

    At first it seemed to work out. "Shining in the Wood" their début single was picked up by Fierce Panda records, and was championed by Radio One's John Peel. This led to them being signed by Island subsidiary Trade 2 and hitting the UK top 40 with their major label début "Race".

    'Race' was a really rocking track, which matched a krautrock rhythm with a glam guitar hook. It was brilliant. The b-sides were equally inspired.
  • Life, The Universe and everything else inbetween or not...

    6 Sep 2006, 11:31 by marshee

    Part 1: Life

    This is going reat for me at the moment. I got back from Sweden this morning after a 2½ hour delay on the flight apparently due to London Luton closing earlier yesterday. Anyway, to read more about that, skip to "The Universe" section of this journal. Well, as I said, I'm really happy. I discovered a few good bands since I left for Sweden, mainly Tiger Lou, from a friend in Stockholm. They are absolutely amazing. She actually saw the lead singer in a museum on Monday with his family. If only I was 18, then I could have seen them play live after the Håkan Hellström concert on Friday. But being 17 I couldn't, but I don't really mind as Håkan Hellström was amazing! He knows how to put on a hell of a show. He even played my song (Mitt Gullbergs kaj paradis) with the full intro as part of the encore. Made my day, I can tell you. Ramlar and Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg were also amazing, though Ramlar sounds much better with Mando Diao's The Band. I can't believe how well those songs work together. …
  • 40 songs, 38 questions

    17 Jul 2006, 02:54 by dooky

    Because all the cool kids are doing it.

    Put your music player on shuffle
    Post the first 40 songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeat tracks, skip to the next track.

    1. Bis - The End Starts Today
    2. Bis - Caustic Sofa
    3. Data Panik - The Thrill is Yours
    4. Pink Kross - Dinahmite
    5. Silver Sun - I'll See You Around
    6. Mika Bomb - Osaka
    7. Silver Sun - Yellow Light
    8. Madness - Johnny the Horse
    9. Silver Sun - Reasons to Live
    10. A - Summer on the Underground
    11. The Shirehorses - Lardy Boy
    12. Tsunami Bomb - The Enemy Within
    13. The Vandals - Atrocity
    14. Bis - It's All New
    15. The Offspring - Bad Habit
    16. The Jellys - Kings of Garageland
    17. A - Old Folks
    18. Bis - Oh My
    19. Melt-Banana - Chain Shot to Have Some Fun
    20. Madness - Michael Caine
    21. Maya Sakamoto, Rio Natsuki, Miguyu Hiiragi and Etsuko Kozakura - Love Mania
    22. Super Furry Animals - Arnofio/Glo in the Dark
    23. Honeycrack - The Genius is Loose
    24. Heavenly - Nous ne Sommes Pas de Anges
  • Crowning of the Sound Systems

    4 Mar 2006, 21:57 by Chimino

    Can't leave out the original sources of , , and music...and these are just a few who've made an impact...

    Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid setting the foundation for sound clash in the 1960s

    Soul/rub-a-dub sounds originating in the 1970s:
    Killamanjaro (the highest mountain)
    King Sturgav (founded by Daddy U-Roy)
    Downbeat the Ruler (USA's original foundation sound)
    Sir Coxsone Outernational (UK's own)
    Gemini Sound Disco
    Stereophonic (original slackness sound)
    JahLoveMuzik (Brigadier Jerry & the Twelve Tribes sound)
    Jack Ruby Hi-Fi (Ocho Rios own, featured in the "Rockers" film)
    Emperor Faith (Ranking Joe sound)

    and the 1980s, when live artists controlled the scene:

    King Jammys (the man, the studio, the legend)
    Black Scorpio (second only to Jammy in label output)
    Youthman Promotion (owned by Sugar Minott, buss too many artist to mention)
    Volcano Sound (owned by Junjo Lawles, from label of the same name)