• Albums of 2010

    28 Dec 2010, 13:20 by misooo13

    The year 2010 was also full of new albums and many of them caught my attention. This year I was listening mainly to singles only and not to the whole albums. I listened to albums only when singles impressed me that much and I listened also to albums from artist I knew to see how the things are going to them. So let's look which cd's I have choosen:

    Bubbling under top 10
    Here belongs albums, which I liked, but they didn't made the top 10, I only liked a single or a few songs. ( in alphabetic order )

    Armin van Buuren - Mirage
    I must say that the new Armin's cd disappointed me a bit. It's nice to listen, but the hits are missing this time, compared to his last album Imagine. Very good are Mirage and Full Focus.

    B.o.B. - The Adventures of Bobby Ray
    B.o.B. is the artist who made my most favourite song of the year - Airplanes with Hayley Williams. The other singles Nothin' On You and Magic were also great.

    Him - SWRMXS
    This is such an interesting album. …