• Album Review: Thunderkraft - Totentanz

    17 Jan 2012, 12:30 by optisailor2002

    Full Length
    Svarga Music
    Industrial/Folk/Death Metal

    Ukrainian underground metal has been thriving lately, with the considerably large volume of output from bands of the country. Bands that combine different elements of the various extreme metal subgenres fascinate me even more, and receiving Thunderkraft's latest album, Totentanz was definitely a welcome surprise, complete with an album artwork that reeks with the theme of war and destruction to further tease me into wanting to find out what the band offers on this release.

    The album opens majestically with A Time Will Come, with a symphonic arrangement at the background that greets the listener, and leaves listener with a first impression, feeling as if one were listening to an epic band like Bal-Sagoth with the heavy orchestration. The heavy orchestration and usage of keyboards of Anna provides the music on Totentanz with a folkish sound…