• Thomas Nöla Et Son Orchestre, "Songs For Children, Vol. 1"

    18 Aug 2008, 14:33 by obsequious

    Thomas Nöla Et Son Orchestre is another tragically obscure band that deserves much more attention than they receive. This is especially true when you consider that Douglas P. from Death in June collaborated with them on one of their early albums. This mini CD, ” Songs For Children, Vol. 1″, is a bit different than their normal work, but still manages to fit cohesively into their discography in terms of tone and mood.

    First, a bit about the disc. It is a hand made 3″ CD-R that you can purchase directly from the artist for $4. That $4 includes shipping, which means if this release sounds even remotely intriguing to you, you should just buy it. If you hate it, well, then you have a strange $4 novelty to hang onto. The CD came in a plastic envelope with hand printed cover art that features various vintage photos of children. On the front, a photo of a young man in a sweater vest and a bow tie that I strongly suspect was taken in the late 70’s.