• With a face like this I won't break many hearts

    5 Mar 2009, 14:30 by campdave


    I first heard this song at a Christmas Concert in secondary school. The band played a few fairly medicore Oasis covers, then played this with the comment "We're not supposed to play this but we're playing it anyway", which was incredibly rock and roll to a 14 year old like me.

    I'd no idea who it was by or even what the song was called, but I remembered the distinctive chorus of "I've got nothing to do but sit around and get screwed up on you" throughout my teenage years, as I sat alone in my bedroom listening to music and thinking about girls I'd never probably even pluck up the courage to speak to, never mind go out with.

    Time moved on, and the internet arrived in my house and one day I remembered about this song that echoed at various times in my youth and I looked up the lyrics, and downloaded it via Napster (in it's naughty, illegal days). I was a little thrilled for some unknown reason to find out that Therapy? were a band from good old Northern Ireland…