• 2007

    11 Jan 2008, 09:37 by frk_

    Park Bench People / Jose James
    Breathe / The Cinematic Orchestra
    Falling Up / Theo Parrish
    All I Need / Radiohead
    Strings Of Life / Christian Prommers Drumlesson
    For Whom The Beat Tolls / Canibus
    2000-talet / Ken Ring
    Malice In Wonderland / Rufige Kru
    Goodbye Rute / The Tuss
    Portal / Kode 9
    Hvor Vi Henne / Boom Clap Bachelors

    in case you missed 'em
  • Field Day, London [UK], 11/08/07

    12 Aug 2007, 22:00 by citrusmantis

    Sat 11 Aug – Field Day 2007

    We had high hopes for Field Day and I think they were mostly fulfilled. Sure there were ridiculous queues for drink/loos/food, but in the end I didn't really want to drink too much and managed to see all that I wanted to - mostly from very close up.

    First came a lot of sitting around enjoying Tea & Tarts, beer and sunshine. Then was a bit of Chromeo, who got us quite jazzed up and ready for more dancing. Some VIP beer smuggling by ywain meant we were well stocked for Erol Alkan. He played Phantom Pt. II which was a taster of things to come later.

    We had to quit early (sadly) to go and see (much happier) Matthew Dear. Getting centre-front, we had the opportunity to watch the man who is, quite frankly, God set up alongside bassist and drummer. We did some none-too-subtle worshipping and danced and sang our hearts out. Several songs from Asa Breed (including the almost indecently funky Neighborhoods) were interspersed with a couple of greatest hits from his previous albums - Tide and Dog Days. …
  • Fabric 34: Ellen Allen

    28 Jun 2007, 20:40 by kampf

    As I've said before, Fabric releases are some of my favorites. The radio mixes, half-hour blasts of compressed mixing, are like mini-Back to Mine albums. This is a goooood thing.

    I don't know who Ellen Allen is, but it doesn't matter so much, because it's the product that counts in the end.

    The mix begins with Like a Child (Carl Craig remix). A solid intro track with its slow lead-in combined with the catchy remixed version of the track, which leads us into Falling Up, my favorite of the mix. Falling Up combines a lot of my favorite elements in a track; synths, deep, pulsating bass, pans that don't make me dizzy, and most importantly, energy.

    Lotus picks up very, very nicely, maintaining the energy and expanding on it. These two tracks compliment each other so well, and are so well mixed, that it's very difficult to tell where one starts and the other ends, if one even catches on to the occurence. When It Was Day We Made It Night and Dragon soup (lod remix)don't quite match the first third of the mix…