• Monk

    31 Ago 2006, 9:02 de paint_it_black

    I just put on side B of my ol' fuzzy warble of Thelonious Monk's Greatest Hits. It's been a really long time. Any Monk I've touched in the past year-ish has been from Straight, No Chaser, and just hearing the first few notes of Ruby, My Dear was just ...brilliant. It seems like every time you listen to Monk you fall in love with him all over again...there's just something so unique and intriguing about his music. I'm not even a jazz guy, but Monk gets me every time.
    There's fun little Rolling Stone excerpt on the back of the jacket by Michael Zwerin. He's talking about how he introduced Monk's music to a girl named Amy, who was quoted as saying "It's such dreamy music, so sexy...." I thought that was fun. Hah.