• In my August Dandelion Radio show: The Zookeepers

    7 Aug 2009, 22:14 by Unwashed

    The Zookeepers – Ballin’ Outrageous

    ‘I like most of what you play on Dandelion Radio,’ a friend once said to me, ‘but I can’t get into the more intense stuff.’

    To be honest, I don’t really know what he meant by ‘intense stuff’ but it certainly won’t have been The Zookeepers. Their album, which you can get hold of at http://thezookeepersband.bandcamp.com, is often effervescent, angular, often melodic, even fun. So I reckon he’ll like it. And I think there’s a good chance loads of other people will too.

    The opening track, ‘Chicken’ is certainly definable as such. The playfulness of that organ sound gets me every time. ‘Fat Tax’ portrays a world in which, as the title might suggest, obesity comes under the focus of the inland revenue, its refrain of ‘what are you gonna do, fatty?’ one of the more singable taunts of the year. If the album becomes as popular as it ought to, the taunt may even find its way into the vocabulary of Manchester United fans when Tevez’s rhapsody in light blue goes tits up. …
  • Dandelion Radio - August 2009 shows

    27 Jul 2009, 20:44 by DandelionRadio

    Andrew Morrison:
    Andy's August show includes new music from Martin Carr, The Horrors, Atomizer, The Bobby McGee's and The Steals as well as more tracks from the High Chai Recordings label. There's a timeless and dramatic movie theme tune by Klaus Doldinger; Teresa's Tasty Tips and Scott's Funky Five Minutes; and the welcome return of no less than three features: The Orchestra Hit Liberation Front, Andy's Old Chestnut and Mr Discography's New Order Jukebox. Unsigned tunes come from Document 3, Spidersleg and Raw Milk, and there's news of the "Peel Legends" month Dandelion Radio has planned for October!

    Length does matter!

    In a five-programme special, lasting 14 hours and spread out over three different internet radio stations, Marcelle plays in alphabetical order acts with songs which last at least ten minutes. For Dandelion she plays bands whose names starts with M, R, O and P. Expect some krautrock, an anti-Bush dance track, some Eskimo-music…
  • Amazing to Great to Okay toPoor

    31 Mar 2007, 16:13 by desertfenix

    Sat 6 Jan – Bloody Heads, Port O'Brien, Eagle And Talon, Primos

    Sadly, Port O'Brien could not play that evening, but The Zookeepers were the best band to start the evening off. Their catchy surf/pop rock had the crowd dancing and jumping around. The main reason I went, The Primos, went on second and blew me away. They handled the crowd with ease and passed around a big bag of Skittles. The highlight of the evening was during The Primos set. A friend of the band requested a song which is normally played in less than two minutes was stretched to at least six minutes as the band comically played the song in slow motion. Next up were the Bloody Heads. Great set and energy from the band. I was in front of the stage and luckily had my hoodie covering my head as the lead singer kept over-producing saliva what kept projecting from his mouth to the microphone and my person. No wonder people kept their distance from his section of the stage. By the time the band finished their set I was drunk. …