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The meeting of the two deranged individuals Necrotron and Lucius M.K. was not foreseen by any prophecy. The next millennium saw the release of their eponymous demo, and incidents labelled as alcohol-related mishaps enabled Lucius to enlist the drummer Meggadeath.

Although no other label had shown whatever interest in releasing their art than Spikefarm (the poor bastards didnt know what they were getting into) the mindless trio set forth to create a monster, I mean an album. Resurrected by chain lightning at a distant corner of the country, their debuting effort For Theirs Is the Flesh saw the blight of the day in 2002.

Getting many praises as well as curses the band continued to enthrall the unexpecting metal audience throughout the world. Small covens took as their sacred mission to spread the epiphany which is The Wicked. No-one could know who was an astute follower of their wicked ways, and vile accusations were thrown at neighbors, friends - kith and kin alike. Perceiving this dire situation Lucius M.K. once more gathered his fellow conspirators, and in their secret headquarters it was agreed that another album was needed to strengthen the loyal masses.

Bending musical boundaries has never been the focal point of The Wicked, albeit at the same time it has been a natural pathway for them. Skimming through various musical categories but not settling on any single one of them, this band has instead sapped some of their essence into whatever depths that melt and blend and ultimately spawn forth a second album by The Wicked. Hard to follow? As is the music, they say. Let us try a different approach then:

Take one portion of a horror movie. Nay, lets say two. Add a mixture Danny Elfmanisque composition, and a tad of the spirit of Tim Burton. Indulge in a bowl of death metal with a blackish aftertaste, and mix in with some industrial elements. Add in some occasional bombastic orchestrations and decorate with a fair share of lunacy. Stir with a wooden spoon and serve with lemon. We do recommend starting with a small dosage.

"…For Theirs Is The Flesh", I'm convinced is what Danny Elfman would sound like if he were into extreme metal. Seriously, the disc would fit very well interlaced with a Tim Burton movie." -M. Morton / Unrestrained

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