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Los Angeles, Ca (2002 - 2007)

The Westminster Abbey was formed in mid November 2002 by Christopher Mudgett. The project began as a solo project for Mudgett but later went on to become a musical duo which included Brett Nolan (son of famed songwriter Kenny Nolan). TWA began recording songs with Producer Joseph Lobato at Can-Am Studios in Los Angeles early 2003. Many of the tracks recorded at Can -Am were never released; however, there were a a few notable tracks such as "Oh No" and "Simple Man" that made it onto their debut release "Oh No, It's An E.P!" from ISurrender Records. Mudgett is the only credited songwriter on the ep.

After touring in support of "Oh No, It's An E.P!", Westminster Abbey went back into the studio to began work on their first full length album. Sessions began at Track & Field Studios in Santa Monica, Ca. Although a majority of the album was tracked there, TWA completed "Under The Weather" at SoundQuest Studios in Van Nuys, Ca. In total,The Westminster spent 18 months recording their 15 song masterpiece. You can here the detail in the lush vocal and instrument layers presented on this album. Under The Weather features 15 new songs 13 of which were written and arranged by Mudgett. The album was the first and last TWA record to include a collaborative effort with the duo and also, to feature a original composition from Kenny Nolan entitled "Just People".

Despite much indie and major label interest in the release of "Under The Weather", The Westminster Abbey decided to release the album themselves in order to maintain the albums creative integrity. Mudgett, Nolan, and Lobato released the album via their own label "Grandiose Records". Shortly after performing a multitude of live shows in support of Under The Weather, TWA recorded a live album and began writing and tracking songs for their next release. Unfortunately, unreconcilable differences arose between the members of the group and on July 27, 2007 The Westminster Abbey officially announced that they had disbanded.

Christopher Mudgett is currently recording as "Windy City Gentleman" with Producer Brian West (Nelly Furtado, K'Naan, Paper Tongues) at Track & Field Studios in Hollywood, Ca. He will release his debut EP entitled "China White" in the spring of 2009.

Brett Nolan is currently collaborating with his father (Kenny Nolan) on a broadway musical. Nolan is also working as a producer on various up and coming musical projects.

The Westminster Abbey: 2003 - 2007
Christopher Mudgett - Vocals/Guitar/Drums
Brett Nolan - Bass/Piano/Vocals

Touring Musicians:
James Mudgett - Drums (2004 - 2006)
Sean Hennesey - Guitar (2003 - 2006)
Sean Halterman - Drums (2006 - 2007)

The Tale of The Wandering Minstrels
Written By Christopher Mudgett & Brett Nolan

Our story begins on a dreary Autumn day in the Fonderlock Forest. Magical things were about to happen there. Through the thickets there came a noise. It was the wandering minstrel Christophe. The minstrel, having no better thing to do, wandered and minstrel‘d…..

From under the Lilly pad bush plant emerged a toad. This was no ordinary toad, this was the wizard toad Hoenbackken from the Windy Wind Swamps. Christophe stood in awe. “Mr. Toad. Your wearing a cloak. How did you even put it on? Incredible! I am Christophe the minstrel. Would you like to hear me pluck my strings?” The toad began to croak “I am Hoenbackken, wizard frog of the Windy Wind.” And that’s all the funny toad said before he.. Disappeared! Where Hoenbackken was standing was a map. The minstrel picked up the map and tucked it away in his potato sack back pack; where all of his possessions were, a lute and now, a map.

With the map in his sack, Christophe begins his journey. Awhile down the road, he hears the faint sound of melody and notices a dim light and smoke. He investigates. Through the grassy lands began to appear a hut, made of grass. This was the source of light and smoke and sound. The hut belonged to Brett the minstrel from the Mystic Grass Land. Brett was brewing some of his favorite vocal tea, when he heard a knock on his door. Brett opened the door. “Hello there sir. What brings you to the Mystic Grass Lands on such a day?” he asked. Christophe replied “Sir, I have traveled through the Fonderlock Forest and ended up here. I am Christophe the wandering minstrel from The Foot Clan Land. I heard your string plucking and followed it here.” Brett responded “Christophe, minstrel from FCL, I, am Brett, minstrel of the Mystic Grass Land. Come in and I will play my contra lute while you play your lute!”

It wasn’t long before Christophe told Brett of the wizard toads map. Once Brett heard the tale of Hoebackken it all became clear. Brett had been having dreams of the wizard toad. He wanted to know the meaning of these dreams. Brett began to tell Christophe of these dreams. Christophe and Brett agreed to travel to the destination of the map together; to find out the meaning of all of this.

On the dusty road again, Christophe and Brett journey through forest and jungle and forest and ice caps. A moment later they arrive at a river passing. The Bland Band of Bandits was not letting anyone through. “Pay us the toll or don’t pass!” the bland band yelled. “We have no money, yet we can play our string lutes for you in lew.” Christophe retorted. “Play your lutes minstrels” the bland band bandits said. These bandits had no intention of letting the minstrels pass though. Bad business. However; once the strings were played, the Bandits immediately started dancing, and couldn’t stop! Brett and Christophe continued to play and walked across with no problem.

Examining the map, the minstrels realize that they are very close. A hop, a skip, and a jump and all of the sudden…… A mountain grew from the forest floor! Christophe and Brett climbed this mountain. At the top was a man in a tuxedo. “who are you, man in the tuxedo” Brett questioned. And with an extremely well produced voice he spoke. “ I am Josef the master of aural audio. I know who you both are, since I am also the wizard toad Hoebackken! I needed to have you journey here this way for reasons only I know. But now you are here and with my new bamboo playback system we can record an album for all to hear!” Christophe and Brett bewildered and confused, thought this over for a few moments. But the unrelenting power of Hoebackken/Josef overwhelmed all, and they became the Tri-Force. Recording an album for all to hear. Horrayyyyyy!!!!!

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