• The New Classics @ Monday, June 6th, 2011

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  • Concert Review: NQ Arbuckle with the Warped 45s, Horseshoe Tavern, Dec. 2

    4 Dec 2010, 18:20 by Rockstar_Aimz

    Thu 2 Dec – NQ Arbuckle, The Matthews Brothers, The Warped 45s

    I was in dire need of a rock and roll soul cleanse, so I headed out to the Horseshoe last night to catch a few of my favorite locals acts. I had a late conference call, so I missed opener The Matthews Brothers, but made it just as The Warped 45s started their set. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Horseshoe was at about three-quarters capacity. Lots of fans out to support the local acts, plus a bunch of grumpy Leafs fans, with a few noticeably double fisting bottles of beer.

    The Warped 45s played a 50 minute set which leaned heavily on new material. They announced that they will soon be recording their follow-up to their 2009 debut, 10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan. The new songs sounded great. One was about bootlegging liquor to Dee-troit via Windsor during Prohibition in the US. Another, called "Live Bait," was a a rocking little number about a down-on-his-luck man selling bait to get buy. …
  • Hillside 2010: Day 1

    17 Aug 2010, 03:11 by Rockstar_Aimz

    Fri 23 Jul – Hillside 2010

    See my blog for some bad photography: My Aimz is True

    Background and Day 1

    The 27th annual Hillside Festival took place July 23-25 at the Guelph Conservation Area, slightly northeast of the city of Guelph in southern Ontario. I like to refer to Hillside as "hippie fest," not just because I didn't shower for three days, but because the vibe at this festival is all peace, love, and harmony. Babies and older timers, hipsters and geeks, singles and families, dancers and shoe gazers: as along as you like music, you are welcome at Hillside. And the music ranges all over the place: , , , , , , , , , , , and so on. There is something for everyone at Hillside.

    Hillside has a strict environmental mandate. People are encouraged to take a free shuttle bus from downtown Guelph, or to ride their bike and park it securely for free. Drinking water is free if you bring your own container (no plastic bottle litter). …
  • NXNE: Outlaws and Gunslingers Showcase

    11 Jul 2010, 16:39 by Rockstar_Aimz


    I'm a few weeks (months?) late and several hundred dollars short on my reviews lately. But in my defense, in the words of the late Kurt Vonnegut, the "the excrement has hit the air-conditioning big time, big time." Here is what I have had to put up with lately: G20 lockdown and ensuing chaos in my 'hood, trying to navigate the G20 riots to get to/from my friend's wedding, last minute trip to Boston for work, family visiting for Canada Day, terrible intestinal illness, a mini-blackout, a Shriner's parade, world cup fever, and now stifling heat and smog. And I still need a haircut! So let's reminisce about happier times, like NXNE!

    For my first official event of North by North East, the annual Toronto music festival, this intrepid reporter decided to park her sorry butt at Lee's Palace for the Outlaws and Gunslingers showcase on Thurs., June 17, sponsored by Six Shooter Records and Starfish Entertainment. …
  • Concert Review: Private Drive-By Truckers show in Toronto, Nov. 8

    14 Nov 2009, 05:55 by Rockstar_Aimz

    From my blog: My Aimz is True

    This may be a news flash to some of you, but I am not cool. I have serious envy of bloggers who are better writers than I am, who have their shit together enough to post every day, who get lots of free CDs, tickets, backstage passes, and other swag. Most of the people who solicit me for a review for their new album clearly don't even read my blog. My most recent e-mail solicitation was from an Australian group who describes themselves as a "blend of hip-hop and electro-pop." I have nothing against this type of music, but it just isn't my thing, and anyone who reads even one page of my blog knows this fact. So I was fucking thrilled when someone finally paid attention and gave me a free ticket to see one of my favorite bands, the Drive-By Truckers, at the Phoenix last Sunday (Nov. 8).

    This show was sponsored by Jack Daniels, and I guess it was supposed to be for bar/entertainment industry types. …
  • Toronto Roots Rockers the Warped 45s Prep Debut Full-Length After Winning Over…

    30 Sep 2009, 16:38 by W45s


    Toronto Roots Rockers the Warped 45s Prep Debut Full-Length After Winning Over $10,000 in Cash and Prizes
    8/12/2009 By Kerry Doole

    It has been quite the summer for fast-rising Toronto, ON-based roots rockers the Warped 45s. After completing work on their keenly anticipated full-length debut, 10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan, they had a four-month residency of gigs at famed Toronto club the Cameron House, followed by their first tour of Eastern Canada. However, it was a June slot at the North By Northeast festival in Toronto that had an unexpected and decidedly lucrative payoff.

    NXNE concertgoers were encouraged to vote for the best NXNE performer by texting in their choice, and the Warped 45s' show at the Dakota Tavern earned them the nod for the Rogers NXNE Fan Choice Award.

    The grand prize included $10,000, a brand new Gibson guitar…
  • EXCLAIM! Magazine Review, September 2009

    30 Sep 2009, 16:33 by W45s

    The Warped 45s
    10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan
    By Jason Schneider

    It's not often that new roots-based music can be described as "fresh," but from the opening notes of the title track of this full-length debut, Toronto, ON's the Warped 45s breathe new life into the tried-and-true CanRock formula through sheer determination to make each song a memorable experience. Led by cousins Dave and Ryan McEathron, there's an obvious give-and-take that infuses the material, and producer John Critchley (13 Engines, Elliott Brood) provides a steady hand behind the boards. But the performances, at times reminiscent of Midlake and even Fisherman's Blues-era Waterboys, are just a bonus. The McEathrons have honed their storytelling skills through keen observation, as in "Progress," sung from the perspective of a Toronto waste disposal worker. But that gritty realism is offset by the poetic flights of songs like "Trestle For A Train…
  • NOW Magazine – “Disc Reviews: The Warped 45s”, August 2009

    30 Sep 2009, 16:31 by W45s

    Disc Review

    Warped 45s
    10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan (Pheromone)
    By Benjamin Boles

    We’re fans of local alt-country rockers the Warped 45s, but even we were surprised to hear that they’d won the $10,000 Rogers Fan Choice Award at NXNE. We don’t generally imagine twang fanatics as being well-versed in text messaging or digital technology in general.

    Good thing our city-slicker stereotypes were wrong, because these guys have the tunes and skills to milk the most out of this kind of windfall. If you’ve already heard the excellent EP they released last year, you’ll be happy to know that the full-length builds on their strengths.

    They’re not doing anything innovative, but they’re doing it well. Think early REM with a lot more backwoods country flair. Comfort rock for a cool early autumn night with friends.

    Top track: Why Have You Passed Me By Grim Reaper


    10 Day Poem For Saskatchewan

    The Warped 45s
  • Never A Critic – “Great Summer – First: The Warped 45’s”, August 2009

    30 Sep 2009, 16:29 by W45s

    Great Summer – First: The Warped 45’s

    1000 Is. Music Festival – August ‘09

    Carolyna: “Eric (Alper), I want tickets”.

    Eric: “I can give you a pair, Carolyna”.

    Carolyna": Excellent, I’ll set up an interview with The Warped 45’s and a a few other bands and would love an interview with you”.

    Eric: “I’ll arrange All-Access media passes for you +2 … and i look forward to it”.

    … and that is how this fabulously entertaining weekend started.

    Now, I’ve never been a fan of most of the acts performing on the main stage, but then I’d never seen them live, and THAT is always where the standard is set and the fandom begins, for me. I’ll return to the best performance, Snoop, soon…. but first to one of my new favourites from the Toronto/Waterloo areas.

    I bought an EP from the Warped 45’s tent at the Burlington Music Festival where they were opening for Tom Cochrane. I immediately heard what i love to hear… a band that sounds as though they recorded live-off-the-floor with the…
  • FAZER Online Music Magazine – “The Warped 45s-10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan review”,…

    30 Sep 2009, 16:25 by W45s

    The Warped 45’s - 10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan
    Review by Mark Millard

    Remember how good music was once defined? No, it wasn’t characterized like today’s commercial, money driven pop rock outfits consisting of large marketing teams, a hefty emphasis on image and a consistent repetition of a sound heard time and time again. It wasn’t music put together with a boring 1-5-6-4 chord progression, three instruments, one singer and a terrible live performance. Hence why most artists creating (good music) today, if it can even be classified as such, possess very little longevity. To further illustrate this point, look back at the artists that dominated the Canadian mainstream three to five years ago. How many of them are still relevant today? Not many, a trend which will continue for years to come. Can this really be classified as good music? I think not.

    Good music was about love and passion, with money and success being an added bonus. Music was once about taking both the artists and the…