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The Story
Music is a funny thing, it can make you laugh, cry, rejoice and recline. It can force anger, despair and enthusiasm, yet not a soul on this earth will ever understand how? It can be as simple as a couplet, riff, or rhyme, but for the life we have we won’t understand why? A chord might strike E, connotations of blues, a chord might strike D, connotation of sprite, but when all is well, bad, grave or good music will still live. It is easy to create an over enthusiastic view of what an artist thinks their music is, but honesty has been swept under the carpet of bravado and the inability to stand honest in the light of perception. ‘The Velcro Teddybears’ were formed in strife of these emotions. Emotions imperative to the salvation of a world in which ‘squeaky clean’ has become a fault line waiting to be jumped upon by those who understand that life is not necessarily that way. To tell the tale of ‘The Velcro Teddybears’, we must first go back to the times of the ‘un-‘noughties’’, that were the schooldays, a time in which the ‘Spice Girls’, ‘East 17’ and ‘Take That’ were rife, two lads were making a route through ‘Penistone Grammar School’ independent of this. They were not aware of their childhood history of fire engines, and slides as they mixed in different circles, but fortune works in funny ways; ‘Rhythm always finds Blues’. ‘Red Sky’ in most circles can be accepted as an agreeable ending to events. The term, most associated as a warning to farmers, was in this case a catalyst for the re-introduction of two old friends. This band inspired by the greats of ‘Led Zeppelin’, ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Black Sabbath’ would see an episode of education occur, throughout which gigging in drinking holes, and funny times in the Yorkshire area took precedent. But ‘Rock and Roll’ is a strange thin its origins, reformation, re-birth and re-integration has seen it tainted by purveyors of talent, alienated by integrity. The riff, the beat, the rhyme came as a resultant of the need for expression, whether that be as a retaliation against hardship, or as a spirit retaining ditty, it derived through emotion. Sometimes events throw up challenges, and it is the reactions to life’s un-agreeable events that often create the greatest need for expression. The band split, and its members followed suit, however the ‘Rock bug’ had been unavoidably infected. For two of the bands members their inability to build an immunity to this, would ultimately lead them to suffer together. And so Chady and Griff came together in the pursuit of music, a pursuit not with the aim of perfection, but an aim of producing a moment in time where nothing matters but the sounds being projected. As is so often in these times, it is essential to put a name to such malarkey and the pursuit for a name for our efforts was to prove one only accomplished through deep thought… After an eve of inebriation, and the like, a conversation was struck considering the innocence of youth. When young we feel the need for a comfort blanket, whether that be a yummy thumb, a huggable sheep, or a ‘fine’ smelling piece of cloth. This security provides a sense of serenity, to which no other object, be that existential or likewise can match. As age creeps upon us, our sense of ‘good form’ requires us to let go of these childhood ‘weakness’’, and go through life without reliance upon such inhuman objects. Yet it is a trait which manifests itself far into the realms of adulthood. For as so often occurs, we choose to blanket ourselves in our own comforts, comforts which are socially acceptable within our time. Whether that be the clothes we wear, the technology we possess, or the language we exude. We reject the intimate objects of our youth in place of modern socially acceptable equivalents. This is by no means a bad thing. However we trade the comfort blanket associated with the fallibility of our childhood, for protections attached to ourselves which we would not be seen without. These ‘Velcro Teddybears’ are what make us all special, both as individuals and as a collective, and we produce heartfelt music which we hope will provide a musical blanket, to all within childhood, adulthood and the good ol’ age. ‘The Velcro Teddybears’, with guitar inspired from timeless riffs, and a voice of present times. This band give rhythm and blues, back to the rock and roll roots it so desperately needs… Peace and Good Vibes. The Velcro Teddybears x

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