• The Space Lady

    24 Jun 2007, 19:42 by kuzzzma


    First time i heard her?
    2003, as a part of 356 Days Project
    her cover of Peter Schilling Major Tom was featured
    i just fell in love with it :)

    i searched for some info, found this article and her myspace page
    [don't use myspace personally, but think should link it anyway]

    also there were 4 more songs on Space Lady EP Street-level Superstar (Owed to Boston) avaiable for download from here.

    I owned 5 songs, but on her last.fm charts i found some more!
    Several songs with just 1 listener!
    How i wished to know WHO OWNED THEM, you can't possibly imagine. But it was impossible to find outm so i left a message in her shoutbox hoping this person will stumble upon it.
    I revisited it constantly and waited-waited-waited...

    I waited for 1 YEAR.
    But i found him among Top Listeners yesterday.
    I PM'ed him asking for a link/tip/whatever.
    And today i got this album!

    blind_librarian is my BIG DAMN HERO.
    I'm gratefull beyond words.