• Shuffletastic, Part II

    20 Feb 2007, 02:06 by missygp29

    Last week I had a moment of genuine fear and panic. Tragic as it may seem, this was inspired by the freezing of my iPod. Nothing seemed to cause it. I was simply in the gym, pumping iron (ha!!!! more like feebly trying to lift thirty pounds above my head) when it simply froze. I was listening to the Future Sound of London... I was extraordinarily distressed.

    Nothing seemed to work. I couldn't turn it off or on. Reset didn't work. Plugging it into the computer didn't work. Plugging it into the wall neither.

    Then, just as I was preparing myself for having to shell out the $350 for a new one... It came back to life! Miraculous!

    Therefore, in honour of my wondrous pod, which I do love dearly, more SHUFFLE news...

    1. Bicycle Race - Queen. Ok, so I'm embarrassed by this. Queen was something I grew up with, like the Beach Boys, Beatles, Buddy Holly - always on in the car. My mother loves them. This is one of the better ones... …