• Concert Journal as of April 20, 2010

    20 Apr 2010, 19:10 by thewishka

    Back when I was in middle school, I went to a couple "big" concerts with my family. I dont remember that much about them so ill just list them without details haha.

    Nickelback w/Default
    Van Halen w/Rose Hill Drive

    Then, im estimating this next show at 2004 or 2005, it was the first small show I went to, with a couple friends. A couple hundred people could fit in the venue, but I swear there was only about 20 people there.

    The Cloves w/The Republic @ El Corazon, Seattle
    This show was amazing, both are small, local bands, but they are excellent indie pop/rock musicians, and it was a great experience. I still remember the bass from the RePublic blowing my mind.


    I didnt go to another show until last year, 2009. I dont know why, but I just had forgotten how great a concert was.



    My first show back was 1077 The End's "Lonely Hearts Convention"
    Audrye Sessions/The Airborne Toxic Event @ Neumo's, Seattle