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Red Squares, - English rockband that started in Boston England in June 1964.
The original members were: David (Geordie) Garriock (lead vocal), Ronnie Martin (lead gtr, vocal), Andy Bell (drums), Dave Bell (rhythm gtr, vocal) and Pete Mason (bass gtr, vocal). The group went to France playing on the american bases.

In July 1965 Dave Bell went back to England and was replaced by Mick Rothwell on (lead gtr, vocal) and Howie Gee joined at the same time as an extra lead singer.

In December 1965 Howie Gee left the group to join his girlfriend in Denmark. Howie saw there was a big market for a group like Red Squares and called the group in France and said, Come to Denmark, I have a lot of jobs for you, in fact he had only one job for the group but was convinced they would be an instant success.

The band came to Denmark in January 1966 and within six months were the biggest name in Denmark and breaking into Sweden.
There was total fan hysteria and in Sweden the fans totally wrecked a Folkpark stage at one concert. The fans adored the two front figures of Geordie and Ronnie.
In March of 1966, Andy Bell went back to England to be a journalist and Howie Gee went back in the group as Drummer/Vocalist.

Just as Red Squares were making thier first record (Howie was on the two biggest hits Sherry and People Get Ready) and just before a massive tour of Sweden, Howie was thrown out of Denmark, because he had no work permit.

Andy Bell was asked to come back for a short while and then Mick Malony took over the position of drummer.

Ronnie Martin, in September 1966 left the Red Squares and was replaced by Stevie McGee (rhythm gtr, vocal) Ronnie for a short while sang with the Beatmakers (Danish) Also Pete Mason left the group. Pete was replaced by Dennis Hastings (bass, vocals) Stevie McGee left the group and was replaced by Jahn Teigen (ex The Enemies). In 1969 December the group split up after a tour of Isræl, and no chance of getting back to Denmark, because of work permit problems.

Red Squares in the period of 1966-67 were the biggest idols on the Danish Pop Scene. No other group could have the idol worship they received where ever they went. Geordie was voted number two best in the world singer. The group were always in the papers and front page news of magazines. The group was inspired by American groups such as The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, also some the American black groups that were around at the time. The group also wrote their own material. The Red Squares also inspired many Danish groups ie: The Fourways, Freedoms, Burtons and The Money Makers.

On the tail of the Red Squares success came another English group. The Wishful Thinking, they had a moderate success in Denmark.

In 1971 Geordie went to Sweden where he made four single records and an L.P. in his own name. He came back to Denmark in 1975 and formed the group Squares.

The members were Geordie (lead vocal), Michael Rasmussen (lead gtr, vocal), Helge Solberg (el bass, vocal), later replaced by Chris Poulsen (el bass vocal), Mogens Christensen (rhythm gtr vocal), Gert Gunther (drums vocal) replaced by Ola Juul later replaced by Paul Callaby (ex Shu Bi Dua). Squares broke up in the winter of 1977-78.

In 1980 Geordie sang with local musicians and different bands and after his divorce he gave up the life as a musician.

One day he received a telephone call from Howie Gee asking him if the Red Squares could maybe reform, so after trying to get the old members to come back, The Red Squares were eventually reformed with the following members: Geordie (lead vocal), Howie Gee (drums, vocal), John "Farmer" Konrad (lead gtr, vocal) later replaced by Johan Gerup (ex Dieters Lieder), Thyge Driesler( keyboards, vocal) and Lars Gyldenkærne (el bass, vocal) replaced by Chris Poulsen later by Søren Jørgensen and in 1996 by Marius Ignat.

The new Red Squares in 1989 quickly became popular again with a big hit from the L.P. Back On The Road called Goodbye My Love. The group went back on the road and appeared on T.V. Super Chancen, Hit Hærg og Hentehår, Apollo and many local T.V. stations whilst on tour around Denmark.

Red Squares are still on the road and loving every minute of it.

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