• My top 50 Artists for 2010

    2 Jan 2011, 09:55 by menslar

    I enjoy listing my top artists each year, and 2010 will be no exception. Below are listed my top 50 artists for 2010, the top track(s) and top album(s) for each listed artist, and the position those tracks and albums attained in my 2010 charts. Maybe you'll spot some of your favorites on my charts. If you see any artists, albums, or tracks here that you aren't familiar with, maybe you'll consider giving them a listen. My charts are as much a mixed bag this year as years passed, but I listened to some artists in 2010 to whom even I am a bit surprised to find myself listening. I was in a strange mood this past year, I guess.

    There were a lot of ties for track and album positions in 2010, so you'll see some duplicate ranks for tracks and albums in this list. There was even a tie this year for the #50 position for artist rankings, which makes this a top 51 list instead of a top 50 list...

    #50 (tie): Brandy 108 plays
    Top Track: Afrodisiac track #264
  • 2010 TOP 100 Songs

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    31 Dec 2010, 06:02 by randalb89